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    AORUS Graphics Engine doesen't open

    So, I have an RX 580 8GB AORUS, and I wanted to use the aorus Graphics Engine to change the colors of the leds on the card and change It to overclock mode, to get to 1380 MHz. So, I installed the 1.4 version of the software, but when I click to open the app after It was installed, nothing...
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    Sudden Green Screen

    Hey, Basically, my screen suddenly turns green (Using Windows 10). It happens randomly, let's say 2 times a day. Each time I have to click the reset button and when the computer restarts everything is normal - until it happens again. If something is playing, there is sound for like 1 or 2...
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    Laser printer for University

    Just need it to print college stuff (paperwork, assessments), I am not sure about color it seems unnecessary and expensive. I want it to be reliable and cheap, up to 30-50 pages per week. I do not wish to pay for toners/drums every month or two. I need it for my biology lab, cartography...
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    Hello my Asus X441NA the wifi button is gone and i cant connect to the networks what shoud i do?

    The wifi button is gone , i was wondering how it happen .. plss help me