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  1. L

    Is my motherboard doomed?

    Hello! I have an ASUS X99-PRO/USB 3.1 motherboard. Today I noticed when I edited my video my fans were spinning faster then the usual, and the whole program was just slower. When I tried to render, my screens went black. I checked my temperatures and two-three "values" were very high, above 100...
  2. V

    New PC Build No USB after BIOS

    Hey all, I'm building a brand new work PC and everything boots, big beautiful picture. My keyboard (USB PnP) works perfectly plugged into any port on BIOS and MS-DOS screens but stops when the "Install Windows" GUI starts. In the BIOS everything is there and functional, I know I have to use...
  3. R

    Pc Parts Compatibility

    Good day! I have an Intel core i3 4150, 4gb of 1600mhz ram, Gigabyte Ga-H81m-Dsv2 motherboard, GTX 1050ti and vs450 psu. My question is, is the power supply enough to power everthing? **Before, I had a G4400 6th gen build with 8gbs of ram and H110m mobo with the same vs450 psu and the same...
  4. A

    My PC Turns on but doesn’t give a signal

    My specs are Amd fx6100 Gtx 1060 3gb 8gb ram 750w psu 120gb ssd GA-970A-DS3P is my mobo So I recently installed my new motherboard and the Gpu does turn so does everything else in the PC however when I plugged in my hdmi cable to my gpu no signal displayed on the monitor. My keyboard and...
  5. W

    [SOLVED] CSGO fps drop

    Hello everyone, i have a problem with my fps dropping in cs go because everything in the settings is set to the lowest possible and my resolution is 1280x1024. Intel i3 7100 3.9 ghz 8gb ram nvidia gtx 1050. At the begining everything was fine 200-250+ fps consistent, side question could it be...
  6. T

    [SOLVED] Not correctly identified gpu

    I tried to check my gpu info on dxdiag to make sure that my pc had correctly identified my gpu. However, it not indicate my graphics card or how much vram it had, the device name was shown as "Microsoft Basic Display Driver". However, I am using an adapter to my monitor as my monitor is vga, not...
  7. D

    [SOLVED] GPU update causing restart loop after completion.

    I have slowly been working on a new rig for gaming, I upgraded my mobo, CPU and RAM. Specs: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 Gskill V series DDR4 16 gb (2 x 8 gb) 750W Thermaltake PSU Sapphire R9 280 DualX 3 GB GPU 320GB WD HDD 120 GB G skill phoenix 3 SSD I ran into some issues...
  8. A

    PC build or upgrade

    Hello guys, I have been researching upgrading my current PC but the title has build because basically everything but the drives is being upgraded. I have come together with a list of parts I have in mind and am looking for advice on a mobo, gpu, cpu cooler, and psu. Case: Thermaltake V200...
  9. K

    dell 5010 booting prolem(Help please)

    Hi I have dell 5010 laptop . one hdd test software showed my laptop hdd health is about 20 percent . I thought it may be fixed by low level format . but after LLF and installing new windows some times: 1-boots with no problem 2-after booting up (just after windows logo) i see blue screen and...
  10. L

    What gpu to upgrade to

    I’m looking to upgrade my gpu, and wondering what to upgrade to without bottlenecking the cpu, or if I should just upgrade the cpu first. Intel i5 3470 GTX 750 ti 12 GB ram 630W psu P8B75-V motherboard
  11. K

    Does Balanced mode save power on intensive tasks.

    I am going to compress about 400GB of video files. The program I use will use the CPU only. It takes 100% of all cores. Would turning on Balanced power plan save any power compared to the Performance plan? It still needs to do the same amount of calculation. And what about power saver. It will...
  12. K

    Budget PC Upgrade

    hi, I need to upgrade my PC but I only have $1400 CAD. here are my specs AMD Radeon R7 200 Series AMD FX(tm)-4300 Quad-Core Processor Asus M5A97 R2.0 Kingston HyperX FURY 16GB Kit (2x8GB) the only reason i am asking is because im not one to build a computer and am looking forward to fallout 76...
  13. V

    Can someone please suggest new router

    Hey Everyone, My ISP has changed over my service to NBN (Cable) and has given me a new router to use. However, the new router only has 100 mbps ports on it, which poses a bottleneck to the rest of my network. As it is all gigabit ports with a NAS attached with 2 gigabit ports. I am unable to...
  14. I

    [SOLVED] Reviving my PC (upgrading)

    Hello community, its finally happening im tired of lowballing with low settings in fps games to be able to have a staple fps running. Im looking forward to rebuilding my pc but thanks to my very little persisting knowledge in hardware I have come here. Right now im sitting on an i5-4670k 3.4Ghz...
  15. crapyahmad

    why is my laptop slow

    hi, i have a laptop with a core i5 5200U 2.20 GHz and the laptop is performing very slow, so why is it, is it the cpu hdd or ram please help specs : geforce 920M core i5 5200U ram 8gb ddr3 500gb hdd Moved from Overclocking Forum
  16. D

    CPU DeBug LED MSI Build

    New build and the CPU DeBug Light is on. All fans working, but no output to the monitors. It looks like there are bent pins on the socket, pics below. Motherboard: CPU...
  17. N


    Im in china and we're using fibre. Unfortunately the gateway is giving off a wireless signal as well as the router. So connecting to the router is giving me a double NAT on xbox. Connecting to the gateway is all good and well but UPnP isn't enabled and can't be switched on. Any suggestions ?
  18. P

    Installing BIOS Problem after changing OS

    Desktop PC (self-made) which was running on Win 7. I upgraded to Win 7 Pro and everything went wrong. Windows disappeared, I have no idea what I did wrong. Now, I have re-formatted the HDD holding the OS, and tried to re-install Windows. I can get the BIOS to ensure that the machine boots...
  19. D

    Disable login and shutdown screens?

    Is it possible to disable the startup login and shutdown screens completely? I have it set to auto login but I'd prefer to boot right to the desktop, and not show a splash screen and animation. I'd also like to skip the shutdown splash screen and animation. Thanks!
  20. N

    Worth it to upgrade Ryzen 3 1200?

    Hello, last year I built a Ryzen 3 1200 based gaming PC. For the past year, things have been awesome. I've been playing mostly War Thunder, Rainbow Six Siege, and Fortnite, all at 1080p high settings when paired with a GTX 1060 3gb. WT gets well over 100 FPS, R6 Siege averages around 80-100 FPS...
  21. daleksforleif

    Confused as to what to do.

    So I am at a great divide at the moment right now. I myself don't understand much about Bottlenecking,So I am very confused here. I am at a very tight budget because Computer Part Prices are VERY expensive where I am from (Ex. GTX 1050 ti costs 4,000 Moneys where I am from). So I have an A8-9600...
  22. Z

    Rebuilding pc around cpu

    I have a ryzen 7 1700 that my aunt gave me. I wanted to use it to update my pc,but since my mother board isnt am4 and my graphyc card is from 10 years ago,I'd like to change those two too. Which are best for league of legend and rendering whitout going over 350€. My power supply is ADJ 210-00502...
  23. S

    gtx 1080ti dual 1440p 144hz monitors?

    hi guys, i have an oc 1080ti and was wondering if i should go dual 1440p 144hz 27inch or a single 1440p 144hz. I understand that going dual 1440p 144hz 27inch will mean like 70-80fps but for an setup like this its worth it in my opionion. Or should i just go with one 1440p 144hz and try to get...
  24. L

    7nm Chips Coming: Samsung Starts Production of EUV-Based 7LPP Process

    Samsung announces that it has begun the production of the industry's 7nm process that uses extreme ultraviolet lithography. 7nm Chips Coming: Samsung Starts Production of EUV-Based 7LPP Process : Read more
  25. O

    GA-F2A68HM-S1 FD bios update bug

    anyone experuebce bugg in igd peg tab ??
  26. R

    Buying an ultrawide... Question about refresh rates

    So I bought 2080ti... still waiting for it though (should appear 19th... hopefully), and I figured that wouldn't really do any justice on a--- I'd say 5 year old 1080p 144hz monitor from Acer - So buying a new one I got kind of fixated into these 2 displays: - C34F791 UW VA [QD] panel from...
  27. V

    i dont know if i can put a wifi card in this motherboard

    so my motherboard is a H110M-R and i dont know if i can fit a wifi card into it and which one if it can
  28. A

    £3000 budget - tell me where i could improve

    Need a top workstation for freelance business and want to take advantage of the situation by doubling it as a high end gaming rig. Going to be doing some high end photo and video editing with some 3D animation. but gaming-wise its for online FPS mainly - AAA titles. Have a new office/manroom to...
  29. J

    GTX 1070 and nvidia control panel issue

    After a while of gaming I get a 1 inch high group of vertical lines like static that flash on the top of my screen and go the full length of the screen. Taking out the display port cable seems to fix it. Another issue i have is with the nvidia control panel. I have a 144hz monitor which can...
  30. N

    Enable Netflix on my tv

    Connect my wireless to my Toshiba tv to get Netflix
  31. M

    2700x 2080gpu best build for budget 2500

    Want to get a parts list for a 2700x and 2080 GPU at price point $2500 mainly for gaming dnt need a keyboard or mouse but do need a monitor
  32. M

    No Sound Windows 10

    MY SPECS: Gigabyte P55A-UD7 Windows 10 Pro 64bit I7 870@2,93GHz NVidia GTX 750ti Hello, So my problem started like this, I have wanted to play a game (Dayz) and decided to connect my headset (Plantronics GameCom 780). Headphones were not found so i thought that my PC plays a trick on me and...
  33. C

    asus z170a not posting

    my friend has a z170a that a friend gave him and we dont know the history behind the board but my friend wanted to sli so i pulled everything out of his rig and threw it into the z170 board and for what ever reason i cannot get the board to post and all the lights show it in standby mode but we...
  34. O

    1700x getting 800 cinebench scores

    I have R7 1700x on msi x470 carbon pro with a GTX 1080. 3.9gz vcore 1.4 2933 corsair RGB vengence. 3 bank water cooler, 43C stable temp I am getting anywhere from 550 to 800 on cinebench. CPU-Z showing 3.9 full time, not seeing the 1.5gz bug
  35. H

    Configuration registry is corrupt

    Hey all! I didn't think I'd have to post on any forums to solve my issue but this is my last resort, please bear with me on this. A week ago, I was playing games regularly and decided to update my drivers for my GTX 1050. The update failed, however, and I uninstalled my current drivers to see...
  36. L

    Drive letter issue

    So I recently got an SSD (crucial mx500 500gb) and installed it in my Dell Inspiron 5675 desktop along side my 1tb HDD. I then attempted to change the boot drive to the SSD and so I tried to change the drive letters so windows booted on my ssd instead of my hdd. I think I some how messed up a...
  37. N

    No post/USB ports not working

    THIS WILL BE LONG, BUT PLEASE READ I recently completed a build and I had been using it for about 2 weeks before the problems began. It started out as games randomly crashing at any given point and Windows would restart, but then random resets had become more persistent, even when opening...
  38. T

    My computer randomly locks up or freezes unless fortnite is open.*NOT A JOKE

    I'll try to test it out on other games but this is really annoying. I suspect it's some sort of ram issue but I don't have the faintest clue onto how to fix it. It usually happens after 20 minutes of the computer being on without fortnite open. As soon as it freezes sound stops playing. This is...
  39. Rodrigo Leon

    i5 8500 or Ryzen 5 2600x

    The title, I have GTX 1060 6gb and one ram 16gb 2400Mhz CL14. I'm don't want to buy new 2x8gb ram or one more 16gb ram. Both with motherboard have the same price. Use of PC: Mostly videogames, programming and audio production, no video editing. Which is the best choice?
  40. F

    Power Supply Turns On Without Pressing Power LED on Motherboard

    I bought an OCZ PSU (OCZ600MXSP) a little over 6 years ago from Newegg. One day about a year ago I foolishly left my computer on during a storm and lost power. As soon as this happened I made sure to switch everything off and even unplugged the surge protector from the wall outlet. After the...