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  1. Vishal_7

    Question TpLink Archer C6(US) internet issues

    Hi , I upgraded to TPLINK Archer c6(US) router due to my old router TL-WR841N was unable to go beyond 100Mbps(Currently at 200Mbps plan) be it LAN or wifi. The problems I'm facing from day 1 is suddenly internet stops working and after sometime it revives. either LAN or wifi (shows its...
  2. Avik_b123

    [SOLVED] Help me choose a decent Router

    I'm going to upgrade my router. Recently I've started streaming games. Nothing fancy, just regular stuff e.g. 720P@60FPS. I have a 2 PC setup. One for the game and the other for the stream. I use OBS Studio (NDI Plugin). Now I have a very old router which has 100 Mbps LAN ports. But this is...
  3. Avik_b123

    [SOLVED] Need help regarding Router

    Hello. I'm planning to buy TP-link Archer C6 Router. Now the website has written that this has 1× Gigabit WAN Port and 4× Gigabit LAN Ports. Now one of my friends owns this. So I wanted to test the LAN connection. I used a CAT 5E network cable to connect my laptop with the Router. But the...