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  1. C

    Hard drive not functioning properly

    Ok, so I have recently built a new PC. For storage, I installed a 2tb WD hdd and a 120 Kingston ssd. The issue is that my computer seems to only be utililizing the SSD for storage. Here is the view of drives from file explorer: Here is...
  2. C

    I tried every thing but my laptop wont turn on

    Hi i have asus fx553vd dm1031t i tried every thing but my laptop wont turned on the power buttons led lighed up but my laptop's screen still blank what should i do
  3. RetroFanatic

    Lamptron FC6 and Bitfenix Spectre Pro 200mm...

    Recently bought a fan controller (Lamptron FC6) because a pair of ports on the built-in one in my Corsair Graphite 600T case died. I plug it in and one of the first things I notice is that it doesn't get any rpm data from the Bitfenix fan. The second is that it doesn't start until I turn the...
  4. G

    8700k and air cooler

    hello budget is limited and i need to choose the best and cheap air cooler who can provide simple OC of 4.7 or 4.8 where i live i have these choices ( i made them using my own research) Shadow Rock 2 Black rock 3 Black rock 4 (maybe the most i will spend 61 euros where i live) Scythe...
  5. Colif

    Fix Windows Taskbar Icons Randomly and Periodically Blink

    You may notice the icons on taskbar refresh themselves randomly A fix to this is to change some privacy settings go to Privacy settings and then to Diagnostics & feedback, from there, change: 1. Diagnostic data from Full to Basic. 2. Improve Inking & typing recognition, Tailored Experience...
  6. D

    Will my current parts be able to work with a 1080 ti

    I'm currently looking into buying a 1080 ti but i'm not sure if my motherboard or my power supply will work with it. Specs: GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 780 ti CPU: Intel Core i7q 4770K Motherboard: Asus 297-Deluxe Ram: DDR3 8GB Power Supply: Corsair CX 750 Case: Fractal Design Meshify TG
  7. S

    USB keyboard wont boot

    Hello, I have dell desktop core i5, I've been trying to install windows 7 on it. But my usb keyboard wont boot before windows start up. I usually use ps2 keyboards in these kases but motherboard dont have ps2 ports. I tried to reset CMOS battary but nothing changed.
  8. X

    Windows 10 Crashes?

    So im not sure what is causing these crashes either afk or doing something it crashes. not sure if it was a driver ,software, or update but it needs to stop. i dont get any bsods just crashes but it never did before. dont think its my ram they're pretty new
  9. S

    Best GPU that can fit into an Optiplex 3010 on a budget of £150!

    Hello So I've just got my hands on an Optiplex 3010 MT With an I5 3470, 8GB DDR3 Ram and an upgraded PSU (Corsair VS550) As Dell's stock one is way to Under powered for my likings. Now it's the graphics card I'm hunting for. I've seen the 970 Used for a good price but they are very big and the...
  10. T

    Need help PUK code

    I have just got a new phone from my dad, however it is asking for a PUK code, do i need to get it from my provider or my dads
  11. M

    Graphics card capacitor/resistor damaged. Help identifying replacement! Hello, I have a Zotac GTX 970 4gb graphics card that has a damaged capacitor/resistor on the PCB that I am hoping to fix by replacing it. I have attached pictures. Can anyone help me identify what the resistor/capacitor model...
  12. H

    Screen is 'stretched' (windows 7)

    the screen is stretched, i tried going in screen resolutions but there is no recommended option and the highest (1024 x 768) is still stretched. I tried looking for updates for my graphics driver in windows updates but there is no updates. i have intel (r) hd graphics.
  13. Y

    Help, my motherboard wont show any post(black screen all the way cpu fan does turn on)

    Hi, a friend gave me a motherboard which looks in a good shape the capacitors and everything look ok but when i try to boot it i dont get any post and i know for sure that my ram gpu and cpu are working and also the chip support my cpu my question is, is there a possiblity that the cmos jumpers...
  14. B

    Do i need an Upgrade?

    I have a Amd FX 6300 CPU. I need to know if i need to upgrade it for newer games. I have a few that seem to jump or stutter from time to time.The problem is i was told that this would be the highest cpu my Motherboard can handle. I have a Ms-7641 Motherboard. Are there any other Cpus i could...
  15. Z

    Litepower 550w Vapor X 280x support

    Hi, this is my rig: Core i3-8100 (stock cooler) Gigabyte B360 8GB DDR4 2400bus 1TB WD Blue Thermaltake Litepower 550w I'm going to buy a Sapphire 280X Vapor X. Can my PSU run it?
  16. M

    is it worth to update my cpu to 8700K??

    hi i have the 4770K in overclocking to 4,5 my question is is it worth to update my 4770K to 8700K?? for games?>?> for how long do you believe that 4770K will serve me for to ,play games?>? will i see any difference if i will update my 4770K to 8700K for games...
  17. S

    Looking for a Good Budget processor for gaming planning to get a good budget processor for gaming Which do you think is better? Intel core i3-3220 or Intel pentium G4560. I want a processor that could run games like witchers 3 or Gta V at low settings My Graphics card is a AMD Radeon r9 270 Sapphire dual-x OC edition 2gb and Ram is 8GB
  18. Avacadoee

    Overwatch crashing on startup

    I honestly don't know what to do anymore, I've tried basically everything I could find on the net and nothing has worked thus far, I recently installed Overwatch on a new computer just to play it again as I was soo in love with the game like a year back, but lookie here, crash on startup, like...
  19. L

    Is this PicoPSU-Setup able to power my new PC?

    I would like to power my new "micro PC" with a PicoPSU. But because of the pretty high power consumption of the PC I will need a 250W power supply. The only option for me seems to order these three products. Now my plan is to use the Adapter to connect both the PSU and the Laptop-Power-Supply to...
  20. V

    G.Skill Ripjaw V 3200 mhz running at 2133mhz

    The problem I am having is that I had my RAM running at 3200 mhz on a previous motherboard, but now I cannot get my RAM to run at 3200mhz and I believe it may be whats causing lock ups while playing RAM intense games. I used to have an EVGA z170 FTW motherboard but the PCI controller died on...