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    [SOLVED] I dont know what happened, help

    I just turning on my pc in the morning as usual, but my monitor say "no video input" Some unsual thing i noticed: -The case fans goes full power after i turn on my pc -My Wi-Fi router LAN3 (which my pc is connected to) light goes off as i press the power button (it's goes back on when i turn of...
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    [SOLVED] Need to flip power strip off and on in order for my PC to correctly boot

    Hi, I've been having this problem for some months now, and I want to know if it can be fixed easily. The issue is that my PC sometimes boot when I turn it on, and sometimes not. Let me explain: if i use my PC, then I turn it off and later I try to turn it on it will sometimes boot. When it does...
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    Question Motherboard failure?

    I attempted to turn on my PC today, all fans were running including CPU. However there was no display (tried HDMI and Display Port) whatsoever and there was no light coming from the RGB keyboard either. I couldn't even force shut down the PC with the power button, I had to unplug it. After...