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  1. MyNameIsGarrett

    Upgrade or Replace?

    My beloved desktop is getting old. I'm running a GTX 770 with a i7-4770k on an ASUS z87 Pro Motherboard that I build myself several years ago and things are starting to slow down quite a bit. my HDD slowed to crawling speed so I replaced it with a large SSD (2tb) which helped speed everything up...
  2. M

    Question Help me upgrade

    I have a HP pavilion p6-2388ea Desktop PC. The specs are: https://support.hp.com/gb-en/document/c03533207. I also have a GTX 770 Twin Frozr Laying around. What would be the easiest and cheapest way to use the 770 with my PC? The 770 fits the case as I have already tried. I have previously tried...
  3. P

    Question What should I upgrade?

    I have a r5 1600, b350-f board, 4x4gb 2666mhz sticks of ram (I know it's bit slow) and a strix 1070 8gb graphics card. I play Rainbow six siege, Battlefields and War Thunder in 1080p but I'm going to get Rdr2 and Dying Light 2 when they come out. I have been looking to get a r5 3600 or a used...
  4. kevinsor80

    [SOLVED] CPU or GPU Upgrade?

    PS: NEWBIE HERE I'm planning to upgrade and I'm stuck if which should I upgrade first. I like to play games like GTA 5 Online, NBA 2K's, PUBG Should I go for CPU upgrades? or go for GPU? Please recommend if so. THANKS A LOT! Newbie Specs: AMD Ryzen 3 2200G GTX 1050Ti B450M DS3H- Mobo
  5. KxrlPlays

    [SOLVED] Best PC Parts Upgrade For £900?

    Hi All, I'm looking to upgrade my existing system. Could people please advise the best upgrades that I could do for better gaming performance? Attached below is a screenshot of current specs: Specs I'm happy to pay £100/200 leeway if the performance gain is worth it.