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usb 3.2

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    Question Problem setting up 3 monitors - need help

    I'm setting up my Karaoke business for this summer now that Covid is ending. I'm having trouble with the displays setup. Monitor 1 = (for host) Dell Inspiron 5000 laptop (new) with a USB 3.2 C DP port. Windows 10. Monitor 2 = (for singer) LG Monitor 32" 32GN50T-B Monitor 3 = (for audience) LG...
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    [SOLVED] Mobo usb 3.2 gen2. Case front ports 3.0

    Hi guys, ok so im about to start ordering for my new build but need to know what i can do to be able to use the 2 front usb ports. The case i want is the fractal design meshify C and the motherboard is MSI b550 A pro. Issue is the case front usb ports are 3.0 and the motherboard is usb 3.2. Can...
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    [SOLVED] Usb 3.1 case cable and Usb 3.2 motherboard socket

    We bought a nzxt h510 case and a msi mpg x570 gaming plus motherboard. When connecting every cable, one cable which was already mounted on the case was left without a socket, the USB 3.1 cable. The motherboard has a 3.2 socket but it's a completely different shape. Is there something we're...
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    [SOLVED] MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus | USB malfunctioning

    If you are to look at the diagram for the rear I/O panel, you'll see my board has four USB 3.2s, and two USB 2.0s at the top. I have two 4 way USB hubs, one for 2.0, and another for 3.0 type. On just the I/O panel, my 3.0 splitter will ONLY work with one of the two USB 3.2s on the fourth row...