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  1. E

    Question Ping Variation

    Hello, over the past week now i have been experiencing very high ping varitation. It is making gaming unplayable and my work very hard adn akward. I have tried everything in the books I can think of to fix it. My service provider is virgin media. My downloads and uploads speeds are fine, I am...
  2. Question Unbearable lag and ping in games.

    Hello. I have a problem where my download speed is slower than usual, but more or less normal. However when im playing games my ping is 120ms+ and im lagging alot, it makes competitive games incredibly hard to play, lagging about the place and sometimes i cant move etc. When i run a wifi speed...
  3. NerdyComputerGuy

    [SOLVED] New Router

    Hi, Will a dual core be sufficient for a new router, i currently have Superhub 2 from Virgin Media but I want to upgrade to improve wifi, the one i'm looking at is Any quad cores at around the same...
  4. J

    [SOLVED] New router and Antivirus

    Hey Everyone, I'm just on here to look for what peoples opinons are. So we have Norton antivirus ending soon (I know its paid for, but it was good for my parents at the time) and really we don't want to spend money on a subscription and want to save money in the long run. We also have a wireless...
  5. Y

    [SOLVED] Packet loss problem

    Hello so for about a week now I've realised when playing online games that I was lagging eventhough my ping was good (around 30) and I use an ethernet cable. I called up my ISP they said we see a problem, so the engineers came over and replaced the router and cables yet I still have the problem...
  6. B

    [SOLVED] Why is my 2.4 Ghz under performing

    My Gaming PC is further away from my Virgin media router so usually connects to the 2.4Ghz band. I have had a few issues and finally got through to Virgin Media that its not an issue with my PC (open to the option it could be). Anyway I wanted some advice from everyone to see if they could...
  7. J

    Will my i7 860 Bottleneck my GTX 970

    I upgraded from an EVGA GTX 770 Classified (4gb) to a Gigabyte GTX 970 (4gb) and i’m only running an old i7 860 at 2.8ghz .. i have 2 4gb ram sticks as well as a 7200rpm 500gb hdd and a 240gb SSD i just purchased. I’m not sure if i need a cpu upgrade, if i do it’ll have to be a mobo upgrade as...
  8. C

    Cpu overvoltage error! Please help!

    When I turned on my PC today, my motherboard (Asus x99 deluxe) popped up with a message saying that there was a cpu overvoltage error. I went into the bios and saw that my 5960x was pulling 1.8 volts out of the wall instead of the 1.3 I set it at! I freaked out and pressed the reset button and...
  9. Mr Burns

    Sophos Home Protection - Cannot Restore "Cleaned" File, Please Help!

    So when I heard that Sophos had finally released a Home Version of their Popular Business Antivirus, I couldn't wait to install it on my computer. However, I'm having some issues... First thing that is a bit of a faf is that to change any of the settings you have to log in to the home...
  10. I

    Muddy yellow colors

    I've been all over looking for help on this and it appears that no one has a clue! I just upgraded to Windows 10 on my ASUS A53S/K53SV laptop. I downloaded a new NVidea video driver. It's been okay except for the video color settings. Every time it reboots I have to fart around with the colors...
  11. G

    Best Keyboard Switches for MOBA's

    Hi! I'm looking into new keyboards. I play a lot of MOBA's like league of legends, DotA2 , smite, etc. I was wondering which cherry MX switches would be the best and help to speed up reaction times, responsiveness, etc. Thanks!
  12. Julio Kirk

    Computer restarting for no reason (Windows 8), please help!

    So, I'm freaking out here, because my computer keeps restarting after a few minutes. It has happened about 4 or 5 times now, sometimes after 2 minutes, sometimes after 10 minutes. It doesn't follow any logic. Yesterday everything was normal, I played a lot, turned it off and went to sleep. I...