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  1. A

    Question PC freezes when accessing second internal SSD

    (Windows 10) I recently got a WD Blue SN570 NVMe SSD for additional storage and installed it, currently has ~260 gigs of video files on it. Whenever I'm viewing the files in file explorer, it freezes my entire PC and I have to restart it. I thought it was a corrupted file, ran the SFC /Scannow...
  2. LORYT699

    [SOLVED] Strange SSD dynamics ?

    Hi, I' m a bit confused about 2 ssd that I use. 1, the wd blue(I will call like this) of arround 500GB do not reach the speed it shuld but that is probably because on a old pc with an old sata port, the max speed I ve ever seen was 150MB/s, but the strange thing is not this but that while...
  3. Mr.Anonymous

    Question New HDD shows a lot of bad sector but read test using hd Sentinel show no problem at all

    I just bought a new 1tb WD Blue hdd for my laptop and it works fine for a day, but suddenly on the next day the health indicator on hd sentinel drop from 100% to 9%, and it shows a lot of bad sector. But i try to run read test on HD Sentinel and it shows no problem at all, i also run disk...
  4. J

    [SOLVED] New PC doesn't recognize hard drive from a previous PC

    Hello, my newish PC doesn't recognize an older hard drive from a previous PC. The hard drive is a WD Blue 1TB drive. It's almost filled up. On my old PC, it works fine, it's not corrupted, but when I plugged it in to the current computer, Windows doesn't show it at all. If I go into Bios, same...
  5. samurai7222

    [SOLVED] Is the Crucial bx500 good enough for a boot drive and some games?

    Will the Crucial bx500 240GB be good for a boot drive and some games. I have a 1TB HDD for my large games. I'll just keep games that take a long time to load on the SSD. I'll mainly be using it as a boot drive. The Crucial MX500 240G and WD blue 240G both are about 14 USD more than the bx500 in...
  6. S

    [SOLVED] New HDD strange noise on shutdown

    I just installed a new 6tb WD blue HDD in my desktop, and it’s making more noise on boot/shutdown than I would have expected. The boot up noise just sounds like platters spinning up, but is much louder than the 2tb Seagate I already had installed. What’s worrying me is that the noise it makes on...
  7. J

    [SOLVED] WD Blue question

    How does the old WD Blue 2280, 560 / 530 MB/s, 3D NAND, SATA 6Gb/s, M.2 SSD compare to the WD Blue SN550 2280, 2400 / 1950 MB/s, 3D NAND, PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe, M.2 SSD? Will the performance be virtually identical? Will it only be a difference of a second or two?
  8. D

    [SOLVED] WD Blue or Seagate barracuda?

    They are both 2tb, and the seagate costs like 5 dollars more where i live. Their performance is equal i guess, and what matters to me is reliability. Which brand is more reliable? In my experience witn the seagate i currently have, it failed on me like 1 year after use. It causes severe lag to...
  9. M

    [SOLVED] SN550 WD Blue, Do i need 2?

    I recently upgraded my pc to a Ryzen 7 2700x build on an MSI Mortar Max motherboard, i have a WD Blue 500gb SN550 m.2 in my first Pcie Gen3x4 slot but i want to put a 1 tb version in my second m.2 slot, so i can be sure i have the fastest storage possible between the two, but according to the...
  10. msrsuvo

    Question Which 4tb hdd one will be better

    Please check these and let me know which one will be better. And can I use 4tb hdd and 256gb ssd with gigabyte ga-b75m-hd3 mobo? I am using 16gb ram. Toshiba 4TB Sata Desktop Hard Disk (RPM- 7200) Seagate Barracuda 4TB SATA 3.5 inch HDD (RPM- 5400) Western Digital (WD40EZRZ) 4TB 3.5″ BLUE...
  11. Zdos123

    Question Brand-New WD Blue 5400RPM making strange sound

    Hello, I recently aquired a 3tb WD Blue 5400RPM, was looking for 7200RPM but couldn't find one, it arrived today cloned data over from another drive as my case (Core V1) only has space to mount two drives, and i already had 1tb x 2 in there. i installed it everything is working fine, however...
  12. N

    Question WD Blue & Head Parking

    Since my recent post about my Seagate 3TB 7200RPM drive dying, I'm looking for a replacement, either 3 or 4TB. I found this https://www.amazon.ca/Blue-Desktop-Hard-Disk-Drive/dp/B013HNYV8I/ref=pd_ybh_a_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=P4T358SDVKV5TDQNZ88Q WD Blue 4TB for a good price, but I'm...
  13. Naipross

    [SOLVED] m.2 sata or nvme?

    Going to get a msi b450 pro-vdh plus mobo and a m.2 ssd with it so I'm wondering what would work. is says it's a sata from my understanding but it also only has a key m so what would happen if I used a corsair mp510 and what would happen if I used a WD blue 3d nand? also whats the difference...
  14. yullbarez

    Question WD Blue 1TB Vs WD Black 500 GB

    I'm not sure which HDD i should buy. WD Black 500 GB expensive than WD Blue 1 TB in my country. If Black worth to buy it i would get Black. I really need a fast drive. 500 GB storage is enough for me. I don't know how much read and write speed difference that 2 drives. Thanks. Sorry for my...
  15. S

    Screen video capture software (for creating narrated instructional videos)

    Looking for suggestions for screen-recording software for me to record my screen as I narrate (for training purposes). I'm always a bit skeptical of these types of programs (a bit concerned about security, and these types of programs "phoning home" when in use--or not in use). Any suggestions...
  16. Tarun17

    Temperature of my CPU?

    What is the MAX temperature of my cpu i3 540? I wanted to ask this since I had seen on Intel's website that the maximum temperature is 75-ish degree centigrade but on different programs like CoreTemp, MSI Afterburner, And Intel CPU Diagnostics software tells me that it is 105 degree centigrade...
  17. tsmith154

    Router needs to handle all at once: multiple wi-fi connections gaming computers with one Business comuter

    I have found my old Net Gear with dd-wrt firmware router might be holding me back now days. I have to admit. It is about 7 years old I guess. lol. I believe I need a new router. I have read so much but every time I look at the one star reviews it is almost always the same. With an average of...
  18. V

    Unusual i7 6700k temperature

    So i've been using the intel i7 6700k for a while now, but never really monitored temperatures until i decided to upgrade my case to make my system look more flashy. But since 3 days ago, after doing some cable management and giving monitoring a go, i've noticed in CAM (nzxt software) that...
  19. S

    GTX 1080 too slow, something must be wrong. What am i missing?

    So i picked up an EVGA gtx 1080 founders edition and it arrived today. Monitor and other things arrive tomorrow. in the meantime while i wait for the 4k monitor, i decided to play a few games and benchmark the new card etc. I tried The Witcher 3 and it was sluggish even on normal. I tried...
  20. A

    Windows Continues to Crash Without BSOD

    Hello! For about 2 weeks now, windows has consistently hung up, crashed, and then powered off/restarted without a blue screen. This seems to happen whenever I launch a game (like Dota 2) after about 30 seconds of the application being open. So far I've done a memory test, chkdisk, CPU stress...
  21. D

    Upgrading from GTX670 2GB SLI*2 on a budget

    Dear most excellent THW community, What is the most cost effective way to upgrade a GTX670*2 SLI? These are 2GB vram cards. I game at 1440p with an i5 3570K. But I'm also interested in CUDA for scientific distributed computing, such as through BOINC. I'm not looking at upgrading immediately...
  22. masterhashi

    Can i install a Single 8GB Ram in a ASUS P7P55D-E PRO mobo?

    can i install Kingston HyperX FURY Blue 8GB (1 x 8GB) Memory Module 1600MHz DDR3 Non-ECC CL10 Memory on a ASUS P7P55D-E PRO mobo? or do i need 2x4GB kit? because it has 4 slots but only support upto 16GB. my specs are i7 870 and GTX750Ti, Kingston 4GB 1333 DDR3 with Corsair GS500 PSU if...
  23. D

    Asus Z97M-PLUS SLI

    i Am using a Gtx 770 now and i wanna go SLI but i can only find that its quad gpu crossfire x supported.. does that mean i can only go 2 gpus with amd crossfire or does this also works for nvidia sli ? thanks
  24. G

    How do I remove price companion from my computer?

    This thing has been on my computer FOREVER. Everytime I do shopping online it will just pop up and try to find suggestions for me and scan the item. I am currently using Mozilla Firefox as my browser. I ran malwarebytes but nothing came up. Firefox shows no extensions on it that are harmful...