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  1. A

    installing thermaltake 3.0 ultimate in NZXT 450 mid-tower

    Dear all i just got a new pc . the guy who put all the components together i think he made a mistake i have the Thermaltake water cooling 3.0 ultimate (the one with 3 fans) and nzxt 450 Noctis the upper part of the case there is 3 big holes for the what he did was he put the...
  2. H

    I can't re-download Windows 10! Help!

    Okay so I just got all my PC parts together yesterday to get my build together, which consists of this. Graphics Card: ASUS Strix GTX 1080 Overclocked Motherboard: ROG Maximus VIII Hero Alpha CPU: Intel i7-6700k 4.0GHz RAM: Ballistix Sport 32GB DDR4 OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit Storage: WD...
  3. D

    Newly Built PC Won't Boot, Error Code 99 Bottom Right Corner?!

    I just finished building my new pc. the specs are below. So when i bought all the parts i overlooked the fact that i didn't buy a case with space to put a disk drive. i bought the disk drive for the sole purpose of installing windows 8.1 from disk. I assumed that I could just hook up the disk...
  4. N

    FPS drop after re installing windows

    So i replaced my hdd and had to install clean slate windows, which i did. Then i installed all the driver that came with the laptop (ASUS). Now, before when i play games, i would get 30-50 fps, now even when playing just DOTA2 on lowest setting, i get only 5 fps even when nothing is happening on...
  5. A

    Dropped seagate external hard drive

    K I need help my daughter dropped my external hard drive one to many times. and now I cant get it to work. when I plug it in I hear it running and the light comes on but I cant find it in my computer. it wont show up at all.. when I unplug it it makes a nosie.. that's it is there anyway to get...
  6. CoronaRay

    Where is my Asus CD/DVD Icon?...

    Hi Guys, I just migrated my Windows 8 OS into my SSD. I disconnected my HDD and replaced the HDD port with my SSD. I turned on my computer and it worked great. I have yet to add back my HDD. That will be a different question on a separate thread. My Asus has the new UEFI bios interface...
  7. W

    Box in window

    waht does a box in the top right hand window with a square, circle and triangle mean? I cannot open some E-mail attachments
  8. S

    Newer Video Cards with the P5VD1-X

    In the manual for my motherboard it says only PCI Express video cards which have passed running at 4x can run in the PCI Express slot. (This is because the board is dual AGP/PCI Express. The slot is a 16x but the cards will only run at 4x mode.) I wish to buy a newer video card, and I'm willing...
  9. hbake17

    Problems With TP-Link Router

    Hey i have had my TP-Link TL-WR340G for about 8 months and i recently updated the firmware and it has stopped allowing my PC's to access the net and each other i have tried reconfiguring the IP and DNS settings on the PC's and the router it tells me in the DHCP that my PC's are conected and its...
  10. G

    Support att com/setupwireless

    Hello, Checking to see if my current router has wireless capability?
  11. J

    Do i need a wireless card for my wireless netbook

    I have a wireless netbook. Currently I am using Clear - where I plug an ethernet cable into the netbook. I would like to go wireless. What do I need to do? Simply buy a wireless router? Will I need any type of card or adapter? Thanks, Jimena
  12. R

    My laptop repeats "new hardware" signal when connected to LAN

    My laptop repeats "new hardware" signal when connected to LAN
  13. G

    Can i conect 2 router using no network cables

    i have one router in one my offices that have and internet conexion and i want to conect another router that is in another office to have better cover the problem is that i dont want to use network cables to share the internet conexion can somebody help me?
  14. A

    First build need help

    Hell this is a good build cooler master elite 430 AS Rock Z77 Extreme4 G.SKILL DDR3 16GB (2x8GB) PC10666/1333 RipjawsX F3-10666CL9D16GB XL what psu to buy ??
  15. mpdegn

    Reading album information from CD

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a way to read the album information on audio CDs with my computer. I have a CD/DVD drive and a CD/DVD writer. Neither is able to read album information without using software that queries an online database with all kinds of album information. I know that the album...
  16. M

    Modem doesnt allow access to router settings

    Okay so my problem (its major) is that I cannot access the settings for my new Linksys WRT120N Wi-Fi Router because when I type "" in the address bar, it brings up the settings for my Versalink Wireless Gateway (modem). The modem is connected to a phone jack (but gets dsl), and has a...
  17. S

    Change IP address manually

    how to change IP address manually?
  18. C

    Any reason why my wireless G card won't work?

    I have a Netgear WG311 G PCI 54 Mbps Wireless-G PCI Adapter. I tried to install it but for some reasons Windows 7 won't recognize it. What should I do to troubleshoot? Is this card even compatible with Windows 7?
  19. G

    Wireless adapter mn-720

    what website can I download a free wireless adapter of microsoft wireless mn-720?
  20. C

    I can't find my recycle bin, its not on the desktop

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.basics (More info?) What can I do to find it?