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  1. BelisarioM

    Question Is it possible to use my Xfinity router and have internet without a coax outlet in my house?

    I'm a new customer of Xfinity comcast and my house doesnt have a coax outlet so I'm not able to use the internet is there any way of fixing that?
  2. C

    Question My internet speed has gradually decreased overtime

    Long story short, had about 3-4 xfinity technician come in to fix our slow internet speed that was consistently dropping and failing. In the end, it turned out to be the coax cable outside of our house that runs from the cable box to the modem Xfi gateway that was old and corroded. Since then...
  3. Bambam47

    [SOLVED] WiFi Mesh Extenders + Existing Powerline Adapter?

    I have Xfinity as my internet and TV provider and we have a pretty beefy plan for the internet but with both my parents streaming all the time and me and my friends downstairs are all downloading and playing online games, I thought to buy Xfinity's new xFi pod wifi mesh range extenders for the...