100% RAM Usage while Idle


Nov 7, 2013
I have 16GB of RAM and for some unknown reason, im idling at 100% usage. It slowly builds up to 100% usage from when i start my PC and takes about 1-2 hours to reach 100% usage. In task manager, nothing is running that is taking up anywhere near that much RAM and all of the usage is in the 'Non-Paged Pool'. I have no idea what is going on and have tried multiple solutions but to no success. When it hits 100% usage, my PC starts to run slower, the mouse stutters sometimes and things freeze sometimes (for example dragging a web page and it freezes for a couple of seconds)

Any help is appreciated, I just really want to get this fixed.
Normally, high ram usage is not a problem. It is simply windows keeping code around in anticipation of possible reuse.

However being in the non paged pool is of real concern. I think you have some app that is fixing pages and not releasing them.
use windows task manager(alt/cntl/del) to get to the resource monitor and look at the memory section. Look for a task that has lots of private memory or one that you do not recognize.


You could also try using Microsoft's SysInternals Process Explorer to try and find the erroneous application you can find it here -> http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896653.aspx

I use this frequently to help me find out what a process is and who made it when I work another person's computer. Hopefully you can find out what is eating up your memory. It almost sound like a very buggy application or a virus.


There are two possibilities: a background program with a memory leak or malware

It could be one of the other programs installed with your OS when it was first built. Monitoring programs can cause trouble like this, or some other bloatware that manufacturers install. It could also be a program from your ISP. Comcast forces an install of their horrible "remote assistance" software when their cable internet is first installed. That particular program causes major memory leaks like you describe and constant crashes with certain games. I fool Comcast with it by creating a base VM that will do the install, and then delete the VM. (I've moved while being a Comcast customer 4 times now, and each time it won't let me access the internet until I run that stupid installer. The first time I moved, the tech they sent over to do the install did the install on my main PC, and I had to totally reformat and reinstall the OS to get it stable again.)

To check this out, run msconfig and check out the startup tab. There is likely to be a long list. Use this to then reference task manager or Sysinternal's Process Explorer to find programs that take up a lot of memory. In task manager, it won't list the program's full memory foot print. Just look for one that looks bigger than it should be. Try to end the program and see how your memory recovers.

If it is malware, you'll need a removal program. The malware that would do this sort of thing can take the shape of a spam generator program, DDOS bot program, adware, or a fake anti-virus. Usually, the fake anti-virus programs are a lot more obtrusive, and will push alerts in your face constantly until you pay them. spam generators and DDOS bots can sit in the background and take up memory without you even seeing it. Try running MalwareBytes and see if it picks anything up. That should be able to clean most anything up. If your system won't let you install it, that is a prime indicator of malware. you may have to take out your hard drive and scan it from a different PC.


Oct 7, 2015
Here is a video tutorial that my help you fix high RAM usage in Windows XP/78/10. Please leave comments on youtube page itself if facing any problem.