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If you can wait, then wait. There is no guarantee that the next 3070 will be the same price as the current 2070. When the GTX 1070 was being replaced by the RTX2070, the price of the 2070 was $500, the gtx1070 was $380 at launch. There are plenty of rumors going around about the next mid range cards being cheap or releasing at the same time as the flagship parts, but those should be taken with a grain of salt.


Jan 22, 2010
Started buying some parts, but I'm creeping past my budget. Paid a bit more for the psu than I'd like, but not terribly. The real offenders are probably the GPU and maybe the case? I dont love the case as I am not a big fan of see through back panels, it's where we hide the mess why would anyone want to see it? RGB from the other seller wasn't much more than a non rgb from the manufacturer so I went with that. The GPU is my bane. This card in particular is eligible for evga's 90 day step up program where if a new card comes out within 3 months I can send my card in for the new one and pay the difference. This in theory could future proof me, but if it take longer than that for an equivalent 3070 to come out then I lose my bet and probably paid more for it. That said that card should probably carry me pretty far yes? Lastly how is the motherboard I have there? Idk what to look for in a motherboard. One thing I looked at was boards with wifi and bluetooth built in like these



Not sure they are worth the extra cost.


Jan 24, 2013
I have never heard of a step up program, thats interesting. Problem is that I think Sept 17th is likely when the 3080, 3080ti and titan drop, which is two months time. Not sure that it will only be 1 additional month for the 3070s to come out. I think you will lose that bet.

2070 super in of itself is a great card and should last years.

As for a motherboard, if you are overclocking you want a good VRM. If you want some future proofing you could get a B550, which has PCIE 4.0. If you want more of a budget board, a B450 will work fine and you probably wouldn't even notice a difference. You could save ~80 by getting the budget version of the board linked above. The rest is too just make sure you have enough USBs for all your peripherals.

For me personally, I think it is kinda silly to play games over wifi, so I always use LAN. But that is not always an option for everyone.