-12v is running -13.2 to -13.4


Jun 26, 2001
I just put together a new athlon xp system with the following parts, and it is constantly running -13.2 to -13.4 volts on the -12 rail. is this a problem with power supply or motherboard?

Abit nf7-s v 2.0
amd athlon xp 2500+
2x512mb pc3200 ddr400 ram
1 250gb wd 25000bb sata drive
1 silicon image ata133 raid controller
4 20gb ide hard drives in a stripe set
windows xp sp1
geforce fx 5200 agp video
this is all in a raidmax scorpio 868 case with raidmax power 420watt power supply

I have gone over the cooling several times, and am not getting good numbers there either.
I have a thermaltake active memory cooling kit on the ram
an additional 120mm fan drawing air in from the front of the case, and am still getting case temps in the low 40s once the system has been up a while
the heatsink fan is a thermaltake tr2-m4 applied with arctic silver 5 compound.
my cpu temp when idle is around 47 to 49 and can run up as high as 65 when under a full load for extended periods such as prime95 for hours on end.
They system does run stable, but gets a lousy overclock, its only stable up to 180mhz fsb.

Any suggestions on where to go from here?

I just wonder if replacing the power supply with something better would allow me to up the bus speed some.

All helpful opinions welcomed.

I am on the verge right now of either replacing the power supply or getting a better video card, as the 5200 sucks totally.....


May 26, 2003
The 12v ground isnt used anymore but done let that odd reading from stopping you replacing that POS graphics card. Really any excuse would be good to replace that POS graphics card. You got such a good rig and it is being tainted by that POS graphics card. Slap at least a 5700ultra or 9600pro to get that rig screaming or get a 9800pro to get a 20k rig.

Mobile Barton 2500+ @ 2420mhz 11x220 1.7v
Asus A7N8X Dlx 440 FSB
1gb Geil GD pc3500 Dual Channel (2-3-3-6)
Segata 80gb SATA 8.5ms seek
ATI Radeon 9800 Pro(420/720)


Jun 26, 2001
what is truly pathetic is the 3dmark 2003 benchmark results from said crappy video card. 1150 or so, that really really sucks, and is shameful for such an otherwise nice computer. On the other hand, it played need for speed underground quite nicely!