1tb WD ELEMENT HARD DRIVE Error:0x8007045D/ I/O Device Error.


Jun 29, 2017
Hi guys, I got 1tb WD Element hard Drive. It was working fine till last week. When I was trying to copy a movies. While I was copying a movies it takes too long to copy a 700mb so I decided to cancel it. Then the pc goes not responding and also the hard drive. I unplugged the Hard drive and put it back again. Then its still the same problem I encounter, It takes too long to copy a 300mb movies. So I decided to cancel and unplugged it again. Then when I plugged again my hard drive, the hard drive is not showing up it my computer. But it showing in Device manager. so I decided to reformat it. Via FAT32FORMAT. the format is not successful because error occurs like (Format is not Successfully Completed. So I decided again to format it via DISK MANAGEMENT. then after the format it becomes RAW file instead of NTFS and I cant Access the Hard drive it says NEED TO FORMAT TO ACCESS. So I Decided to format again VIA FAT32FORMAT. Again the format is not successfully complete. but now I can access the hard drive. when I was trying to put some files/movies/music, it takes too long and ERROR occurs. I hope you guys can help me. See the attached pictures so you guys can see what Im saying.
TIA & Sorry for my Bad English. http://imgur.com/xOubkOd / http://imgur.com/pXB07q




Nothing you can do yourself to fix a failed hard drive, contact WD if it's in warranty.

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