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Question 2080ti fans go above 100% speed at regular load temps

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Dec 25, 2019
So, since my last post it happened two more times. Changing the paste only helped for about a month, which is genuinely mind-boggling. After repasting it two times and the fan issue still being a thing I decided to RMA it.
Brought it into the shop I got it from, they tried to convince me that "higher temperatures are normal for this model" and didn't say much about the fan problem. They said they'll test it then probably send it off to Gigabyte.
I really hope I get a replacement.


The 2080ti does run hot. They weren't wrong about that. Especially the lower end/reference models as they lack the cooling ability of the high end models upgraded heatsinks. Large difference in thermals between something like an Evga SC and a Evga FTW3 etc.

The Meshify C is one of the best airflow cases around, under certain conditions. All silencer panels must be in place if using just the stock 120mm rear exhaust. Otherwise, as happens with any case of similar design, the rear exhaust does very little for case temps as it's sucking fresh air right in through the top vent. This makes for pretty lousy airflow through the case, ending up with the gpu cooking in its own exhaust heat. A windows or bios update that does anything to change case fan speeds, even 100rpm, can have disastrous affects on airflow, yet sound the same.

I'd be looking at all possible factors, not just laying blame on a single component, there may be other things happening you may not be aware of.
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