Question 2080ti with micron memory performance decrease???


Jan 12, 2018
Hello guys. The last few days I’ve noticed a decent fps decrease in forza horizon 4. Basically I use the fh4 benchmark to stress my gpu and check the max temperature it hits (in normal gaming conditions). The last few days when running the benchmark in 2560x1440p ultra preset I get about 110 fps overall and my gpu generates 121 fps and my cpu render fps are 142. A couple of weeks ago I used to get 124 fps overall which is the score that everyone else gets with the 2080ti in these settings. My gpu score was 132 fps and cpu render was 148 fps. My gpu is the asus rtx 2080ti strix oc and it’s overclocked using the asus oc scanner so it’s not really pushed to its limits. My cpu is the amd threadripper 2950x and it’s not overclocked. I also have 32 gb of ram at 30000 MHz cl15. My 2080ti has micron memory instead of Samsung but I don’t have any other problems with it as it runs perfectly in anything else. I’ve also noticed a small fps decrease of 4-7 fps in apex legends after the last update but imo that’s nothing to worry about.
What do you think is the cause of this performance decrease??? Could this be a problem with my gpu or software thing ??? Also could the last windows update be a potential cause of this gpu performance decrease????