Question 240hz monitors price drop?


May 2, 2018
I was wondering if anyone knew if the 240hz monitors were going to have a big price drop seeing as 360hz are now being produced. Also, can someone recommend a 240hz monitor I mainly play CSGO and the favourite seems to be the BenQ ZOWIE XL2546 but in not sure if its the best :)

Math Geek

there were some pretty good price drops over the holidays but don't know if that was a permanent drop or just sales. as for "best" that is not going to be cheap nor see big price drops. best is always going to have a premium price attached. by the time today's "best" gets cheap, there will be another product out that is "best" and you'll wonder when that one will come down in price.

do some research and see what you can find at the right price for you that does what you want it to. for instance i got the AOC c24g1 for $159 which is a 144 hz screen. not "the best" but a dang good screen at a great price that is a ton better than what i had :)

tom's and other sites offer "the best gaming monitors" type lists backed by reviews that is a great place to start looking. often the difference between the "best" for $400 and "pretty dang good" for $250 is pretty minimal overall. like any part, benchmarks often test very specific workloads that do not really reflect real world usage. so look for actual testing done with games and not some specialty benchmark.