2x2 12V - how to connect for i7 860....


Jan 14, 2010
I'm building a system with an i7 860 and have a simple question on power connections that for some reason I can't find an answer to on my own. I'm clear on the 20+4 mobo connector, but ...

1. My PSU (a 500W Silverstone) has the *pair* of 2x2 ATX 12V connectors.

2. My mobo (GIGABYTE GA-P55M-UD4) has the single 2x4 header.

3. I understand the circles/squares, and have also double-checked the voltage/grounds on the mobo and PSU - i know they will both fit. A little troubled by the Gigabyte manual talking about non-existent "protective covers", but evidently from my looking around online, I'm not alone there.

4. I'm not going to be doing any overclocking (ok maybe I'll play around a *little*, but I'm a musician not a gamer).

5. My questions: do I connect one 2x2 or both? Is there any downside to connecting both? (i.e. I can't fry anything by doing that, can I?- electrically, it's kind of a no harm-no foul?) And if I should connect just one, it's to pins 1-4 (not 5-8), I imagine?

thanks in advance - don't want to blow anything up at this point!