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Question 3000 mhz memory stuck at 2133 mhz

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You have (Or had) a damaged pin? For sure? If so, then that is almost unquestionably the problem.

Sometimes pins are DIMM slot specific. Have you at least TRIED using the A1 and B1 slots? It usually doesn't work when those slots are populated, or doesn't work well, but occasionally I've seen somebody have success. Unfortunately, if that doesn't work then it's probably a matter of having to replace the CPU, if a pin was or is bent. Obviously, that's going to be a bit more expensive but to be honest I would advise against replacing it with another 2700x and going with a 3700x instead. The 3700x has significantly higher single core performance with the same number of cores and threads, so overall performance is moderately increased and the price difference is less than 25 bucks.

Hopefully, the CPU is not the problem though.
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Apr 10, 2018
You have (Or had) a damaged pin? For sure?
Well, I dont know for sure, thats the problem. Could be just memory compatibility, cpu/mobo or something else? I have no idea, I mean that why im here looking for help. I dont know why single stick works but not both at 2933mhz


Ok, so if you haven't taken the CPU cooler off and the CPU out the check for bent pins yet, my question would be, why? That needs to happen, and if you plan to put it back you'll want to make sure you have fresh thermal paste and 91% isopropyl alcohol for cleaning the mating surfaces before you re-apply the paste and put it back together again.