50% of RAM used...


Aug 16, 2013
Hi all!

I have recently been having an issue where my computer slows to a ridiculous crawl if only a few things are open. Task Manager notes that 50+% of my RAM is used (up to 100% when it really slows down), but nothing is really running. I have 16GB of RAM, and an i5-4690k. It has only started very recently.

I scanned my computer for viruses and the like, but I've turned up nothing. It seems to occur most whenever I have skype and Netflix running at the same time, but even at this moment, my Task Manager notes I have 50+% usage when I'm only on Chrome and have Skype running in the background. My total processes add up to less than 1gb, and a RAM analyzing tool I use notes the same thing. So it does not appear to be any form of hidden processes.

I believe it to be a memory leak, but I have absolutely no clue how to help that. I have my paging files all set to automatic for each drive I had (2 SSD's [850 PRO and an 840 PRO] and a 2TB HDD), and I haven't had this issue up until maybe two days ago.

Unfortunately I am not intelligent, and do not have a backup for my comp from before. Except for my clean install backup.

Thanks for any help!