Question 5700 XT or 2060 Super


Jul 11, 2014
So I'm super conflicted between the 2 GPUs. On one hand the benchmarks are showing that the 5700 XT is competing with the 2070 Super but has a lot of driver problems "apparently".
On the other RTX could improve in the future and could be a way of future proofing. Plus DLSS 2.0 looks promising. So thoughts???!
Well, Not trying to sound like a Nvidia shill (which i clearly am), All of amd's cards have problems with drivers.
they release sort not really complete products with half baked drivers and while improve performance overtime with drivers, they usually keep the same bugs.

For example, me and my friends play cod warzone, and 2 of us have nvidia gpus (a 1660 super and a 1080)
and the other 2 have amd gpus. (an rx 470 and a 5700xt)

the guy with the 5700xt has some visual bugs where the game decides to highlight a thing, or he sometimes sees an outline on people, or just a void in the mountains in the background.

the guy with the rx 470..
his trees turn half pink half white like a turnip. His screen gets filled with lots of white squares that look like mirrors. His whole game turns into a black hole looking thing.
I can send pictures. its halerious.

anyway, personally i would get the better performing card if you are able to deal with such bugs and actually a lot of crashes.
If youre less technically inclined, or just really perfer less bugs, the 2060 super is the better choice.
Nvidia has a better feature set anyway.