Question 5700xt stuttering in windows

Mar 11, 2020
I have a 5700xt red devil with latest drivers and I have been getting constant stuttering in some games and even on windows desktop when I am not playing anything. What I mean by stuttering is the mouse freezes and whatever is on my screen freezes for a few seconds. I just used DDU to uninstall gpu drivers and so far has not been an issue so is it safe to assume this is a problem with amd drivers? I know 5700 cards in particular are known to have driver issues. I checked cpu and gpu temps to see if that was the issue but temps are fine.
Anyone know the most stable driver for 5700xt? I haven't had this problem until I installed latest drivers.
Any help would be very appreciated!
Mar 11, 2020
full system spec? include make and model of the psu
My apologies here are my full specs

Windows 10 Home
Cpu- Ryzen 3600 (pbo)
Cooler- cm hyper 212 evo black edition
Gpu- 5700xt red devil (undervolt)
Mobo- MSI x570 A-Pro
Ram- 2x8gb Corsair vengeance lpx 3200mhz c16
Psu- Seasonic focus+ platinum 650w
Storage- Sabrent Rocket 1tb nvme and seagate barracude 2tb hdd

cpu/gpu temp and usage?
ram/ssd/hdd usage?
malware scan the system?
75c 100% cpu usage temps during stress test
gpu 100% usage temps never go above 80c in games
ram/ssd/hdd never hit 100% usage as far as I can see
I did a full scan with malwarebytes and have no malware

Please let me know if I a missing any other information :)