Nov 9, 2008
I am considering getting a 5870 but should i wait for a 5890 the 4890 was consdierably more powerful but was wondering what the weight and the price increase is going to be.


Don't wait for newer technology....
Cuz new cards will always keep coming...

And look at the price of 5870...
Think how much a 5890 will cost?

IMO the best option is to upgrade to a 5870 which is a very powerful single card...


May 29, 2009
The 4890 was created with a slightly revised version of the chip that was in the 4870. It was also released significantly later. I wouldn't plan on buying a 5890 any more than I would plan on waiting for the next generation complely...there may not be one.
Personally I wouldn't waist that much money on a video card as they tend to loose value faster than... well anything..

Today you can spend $399 or so on an uber high-end card and in less than a year that same card will be less than HALF that price.

It is my own personal policy to continually buy slightly old cards for a LOT less money. If I was to buy one today I would get the HD 4870 because it's cheap and fast and at just over $100 I'm not kicking myself when I want a new one next year I can pay the same amount next year and have a newer faster card for less than a new high end card.


Oct 5, 2006
I personally cant understand people who advice "never wait for newer technology and buy now"

Its not black and white. You cant say BUY TODAY.

Imagine tomorrow new technology is released which is pretty darn good and makes current ones obsolete. You say he shouldnt wait 1 day! or 1 week. 1 week wait or being stuck with older technology for 1-2-3 years!!!

Really cant understand you guys. Sometimes its worthed to wait some times its not. Its a decision people have to make based on their needs and compromises they can make.

Of course there is one case when you can ALWAYS buy at the moment and thats if you are DARN RICH and you dont care so much about 100-200 or $2000

I guess only 1 in a million is so rich (may be less)


the 4890 was released quite a while after the 4870, you might be waiting a while, but id really like to see just how far amd can push those 1600 spus, maybe add some l1 and l2 cache;

With the 5970x2 expected around turkey day for $599 or more, I'd lean to twin 5850's if you want raw performance this month. Pre Xmas is historically a poor time to buy vid cards.
And also, a key question is: what games do you play and what resolution? If it is super res and only latest and greatest, it would probably be best to wait for the top of the line from both sides. If only moderate, just save some money and go 5850 or even last gen. Only you really know what you will be happy with, and what purchase will leave you wanting more.


Dec 29, 2008
I wouldnt hold out for a 5890, because chances are they're not coming out with one. I'm pretty sure ati didnt even plan on releasing a 4890 but seeing how powerful the GTX 200 series was they wanted to stay competitive.
Well, in the past that was the case for the xx90, but it also was the case for NVidia's dual card. They didn't want to do one until ATI beat their single badly. It seems in this round, both are going to be aggressive. NVidia already announced their dual card, will ATI also bring back their xx90 line? We'll see, though that might have to wait for the first revision (like for the 4890) or they might just juice the voltage crank it to 1+GHz and pull out the old coolers from the 2900XT and release it. I will say though that I wouldn't expect to see it at least until the NVidia high end cards are out in large quantities.

Ding ding ding!

The only reason I have a 4890 was because I had to get off my 9800GX2; I'll upgrade again when the 6000/G400 series comes out. Besides, its not like theres a game that the 4890 can't handle...