Mar 31, 2020
Hi guys,

I have Lenovo y740 with killer 1550i. When I am in the same room as my router I dont have any problem, I can be on channel 36 and others. When I am in other room (1 wall and 6 metters far away) I have great signal and my router is on channel 100 or 64 everything is ok, but...

...after short while router will catch some radar signal and automatically change channel, after that I can only connect to my WIFI, but thats all no internet connection or connection to router. If I change channel manuall back to 100 or 64 everything is OK and speed is around 100 - 150 Mbit/s .

I bought new router and I am using it as repeater in othter room (where is notebook), but problem is still there, if main router change channel my notebook cant use internet connection. Other devices doesnt have same problem, they work fine.

Can you help someone?
It is somewhat strange you can set it to channels 100. In most countries the only ones you can manually set are the low block at 36 and the one at 149 The restrictions are different by country. Some have lower power allowed on certain channels.

Your best option is to try to set it to 36 or whatever your router uses for 36-49.

Using channels in the ranges that require the DFS function you always take the risk of the router suddenly changing the channel.

Best option with the repeater is to run it on the 2.4g channels and let the 5g channels for talking to the end users devices.