Question 5v ADD Header + Case Fan RGB issue


Jun 19, 2015
HI all, I recently rebuilt my pc with the rosewill Prism S RGB case. I bought the one that included the RGB fans and controller assuming it would come in handy. Now I am sensing it may be more of an issue. I purchased an AIO that has 3-5v ADD_Header cables on it. The Prism S has one extra cable on it that I have not connected anything to that looks like a 3 pin RGB cable, but it is connected to the PC-in pins on the controller (assuming to control the fans). I am currently using an ASUS B450 Gaming PLus Max mobo, and it has 2 JRBG 4 pin connectors on it. Is there any way i can get my AIO rgb fans to work in sync with the controller that came with my case? Is there anyway i can get them to work alone? I can just have them set to the same profile if anything but I do not know where to look or start as there is not much info about the controller on the pc.

Here is an image of the controller: View:
(not my image)
First, the image you posted above is the fan MOTOR controller. It does NOT have anything to do with the LIGHTS in your fans. Each of those fans will have TWO cables. One ends in a standard fan female connector about ½" wide with 4 holes, and two ridges down one side. This will connect to that controller you show. The other cable will have a much wider connector on its end with space for 4 holes, but one of them is blocked off. That is the one that is used to power and control the LED's in the fan frame.

There's some confusion is your mobo spec. ASUS sells a mobo called the TUF B450-PLUS GAMING model with ONE plain RGB (4-pin) header. MSI sells a mobo called their B450 GAMING PLUS MAX model that has TWO plain RGB headers with labels JRGB1 and ...2. I suspect you have the MSI model.

In either case, however, both of those mobos have only the plain RGB header type. That is, it has FOUR pins and is NOT suitable for use with ADDR RGB (3-pin) systems. So you can NOT power and control any of your RGB lighting units from your mobo header.

I suggest you trace the LIGHTING cable from your case fan(s) to where they connect to the case's built-in ARGB controller unit, probably near the top where the small RGB control pushbutton is. You MAY be able to use an ARGB Splitter to connect several ARGB lighting device cables to the single output of your CASE's ARGB controller.