64 bit OS windows 8 pro running everything in 32bit?


Aug 7, 2013
Hey there! My windows 8 pro is running everything in 32 bit! It doesnt seem too different. Everything runs fine. But even my program files is titled "program filesx86" I just want to know if this is a normal thing. I was an avid windows 7 user, and I don't know windows 8 at all
64-bit Windows has two "Program Files" folders. One has the "x86" at the end. So you definitely have 64-bit Windows.

You can also go into Task Manager (CTRL-ALT-DEL). Under "Performance->Memory" it will show a graph of your System Memory (the DDR3 sticks) and how much is currently being used.

(BTW, Microsoft frequently uses the term "x86" to mean "32-bit" when it means nothing of the sort. "x86" is the general architecture just like Apple used to have "PowerPC" CPU's. It's really "x86-32" and "x86-64" not x86 and x64.

It started when x86 CPU's were 32-bit only so the term was interchangeable, but it's annoying that Microsoft even uses it incorrectly.)

Not needed.
If he has the "x86" version of Program Files it is 64-bit Windows.

*To be clear, you have 64-bit Windows. All is good. Most programs are 32-bit still but you can install either 32-bit or 64-bit.

Your ONLY concern is to install the proper 64-bit drivers for any hardware such as your video card.