64 GB SSD as boot drive, How to optimize??


Feb 17, 2012
Got a Samsung 830 64GB for my new build; planing to install Win7-64bit and few Adobe applications in it. I have a 1TB internal HDD for other apps and data.

What all should I follow while my first Win7 install on SSD?? - firmware upgrade/ optimization/ initialization etc?

I think complete win7 64-bit plus few frequent applications will come around 40gb out of 60 :(. I am planing to move my Downloads / Documents/ Music/ Movies/ Pictures folders to my data drive and switch off sys.pagefile to the other drive, switch off hibernation etc. to free up some space. Is there anything else that I can move from windows? -thanks for your help.


Sounds like you have the key things, I also like to disable system restore since it doesn't work very well if you have a real problem and I am good about cloning my SSD to a HDD on an external dock every couple of months or after any major installs. I also found that disabling indexing speeds things up.

Here is the guide that I use FWIW: http://thessdreview.com/ssd-guides/optimization-guides/the-ssd-optimization-guide-2/
1) the hiberfile takes space equal to your ram size. once activated, it is a bit difficult to get rid of.
Disable hibernation before you ever use it, and the file will not get created.

2) The page file is a file for which you want fast response. Your cpu waits while a page fault is resolved.
With adequate ram, you do not need a large page file. I would leave it on the SSD and just make it smallish.

3) Set the sata mode in the bios to AHCI before you install windows. You will then activate trim support. You can't change this later without registry editing.

4) Yes, put your large storage files on the hard drive.

5) I would not bother with other micromanaging tweaks. In theory, they might do some good, but it is such a bother.
You bought the SSD for performance, so use it. In normal desktop use, it will be 10 years obsolete before you use up all of the nand writes.

+1 to Geofelt. No, plus 10. You bought the thing to make your system run fast. Use it.