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  1. B

    From AMD to Intel Processors.

    I recently upgraded my build and got a new gpu which I thought would increase my fps for CSGO a ton, but only 20-30. My old card sucked and this is one of the best 1060s out there. I then realized it was my A,D FX 8320 holding me back. I get around 80-100 fps at the moment and I'm hoping to get...
  2. T

    How Well Will An Intel Celeron G1840 Paired With A Zotac GTX 750 Ti Perform?

    I want to know if the budget PC i'm building will be able to run some modern titles as well as some less demanding titles at 720p either 30 or 60 FPS on at least low settings. Games like: -Insurgency -Battlefield 4 -Far Cry 3 and Far Cry Blood Dragon -Borderlands 2 -Arma 3 -GTA V -No Mans Sky...
  3. T

    How to unlock my USD partition

    Hi there)Few months ago i had been using a operating system on my USB called tails.I created a hidden partition on my USB drive which was locked by a password.I accidentally formatted my USB and now it shows the volume of just 2 GB out of 16GB .How to get back my full volume of 16 gb? Regards
  4. L

    USB ports not working on my laptop

    Ok so yesterday I updated my windows 8.1 and today I turned on my PC and my keyboard and my mouse (logitech setup) were not working but the strange thing is that my other port on the right side of the laptop only works, why? how to fix that?
  5. J

    Is this Desktop a good value for the money?

    I was going to buy this desktop off of Craigslist for $600 Is it a good deal for the money?
  6. T

    Windows 7 freezes while working after cloning hdd to a bigger one

    After cloning my hdd to a bigger hdd, my Windows 7 laptop sometimes freezes completely, having to force shut down the laptop. I've read the Event Logs, and the only error I see is something like "Shutdown was not expected", which I think relates to the force shut down. Before doing this my...
  7. D

    Need Help with decision.. sorry for lengthy details

    I currently run a AMD 78-L chipset motherboard Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 with an AMD Phenom(tm) II X2 545 Processor. I have nearly completely moved to linux approx 4 years back and 99.9% of the time I run Linux on it, currently running...
  8. F

    GTX 760 AC4: Black Flag Physics Nvidia FPS.

    I have a GTX 760 and i play AC4: Black Flag ON MAX SETTINGS I MEAN MAX but when i turn physics on it suddenly drops the FPS. So my question is: Why does physics eats my FPS ? Please help!
  9. J

    GPU, PSU problem: Need a 6 pin + 8 pin for my new amd r9 280x but my PSU only has 1 6 pin.

    Hi, I'm thinking of buying a amd r9 280x but my power supply only has 1 6 pin connector and one spare molex 4 pin, my power supply : Currently have gtx 650 which only requires a 6 pin, but the 280x needs a 6 pin and a 8 pin. Thanks in advance
  10. Mr_Grits

    Budget Rendering Build Aid

    Hello there, I'm new here to tom's (While this will be my first actually post, I've actually been using it for reference for a few months now) and I'm getting into building PC's. So hopefully I do things right! So my buddy's laptop broke down recently (Was a Sony iSomething, he doesn't...
  11. mohit9206

    Is my build ok need suggestions

    So i am planning a new build for myself as my current build no longer cuts it .I have put together a few parts for which i need your suggestions and input.My budget is($600) Intel 3 GHz LGA1150 4430 i5 CPU Gigabyte GA-B85-D3H Motherboard ZOTAC NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost 2 GB Corsair...
  12. O

    Need a 4 pin plug from PSU

    I have a Corsair CX600M, I have connected it to all components except what I believe the is the one for the PCI cards. It has a female 4 pin slot but the PSU does not come with a cable, not even one that splits from and 8 or 6 to a 4. What is the best course of action that doesn't involve me...
  13. H

    Is this a reasonable pc?

    I have a question hardware related. I only know a few things about hardware so i can;t realy judge if this system (below) is reasonable or not. So could you mabe give me some advise. The system could be a little bit vague, but this is the information i got. System: •Cooler Master K-350 Groen...
  14. T

    A new motherboard

    I was wonderig what motherboard would be able to accomodate 8gb of ddr3 ram and an intel i7 processor, or maybe i5 thanks in advance
  15. cst1992

    Looking to buy an external hard disk

    I'm looking to buy a 500 GB external hard drive. Some of the drives are 2999 INR, that is a very low price, compared to one I have right now. These are the ones available...
  16. L

    32bpp to 64bpp

    hi guys, is it possible to change my desktop color scheme from 32bpp to 64 bpp? i use both win7 and win8 (dual booth) and both of them have a 32bpp color scheme. my graphics card is a sapphire r9 280x vapor x 3gb ddr5
  17. B

    Corsair h60 2013 or thermaltake water 3.0 performer

    Guys please give me some advise. what is the best among the two. corsair h60 2013 or thermaltake water 3.0 performer.. these two are on my budget range :D. TIA.
  18. W

    Does anyone know where I can find a new geforce gtx 660 ti?

    I did not realize that the card was discontinued while I was saving money for my build and I cannot find it anywhere for a reasonable price anymore. Does anyone have any websites that would carry this type of thing for a price point of under $250 like back when they were being produced?
  19. B

    CPU Upgrade Compatibility Question

    I have had this computer for awhile, But I upgraded the graphics card to a nvidia 650ti and got a cx 500 m psu. I want to upgrade my CPU because in games like DayZ it seems to really be holding me back, I would prefer to either get...
  20. F

    the current bios setting do not fully support

    I just built a new computer and when I first load it up it tells me that the bios settings do not fully support the boot. I have no idea what's wrong. Also my power supply isn't long enough to use the same wire for the optical drive and hard drive and I was wondering where I can get an extension...