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  1. G

    what Motherboard should i buy?

    I'm trying to build a computer to play last gen video games and live stream and i want to know what motherboard should i use in this build ? my budget is $1400
  2. devminerHD

    Gtx 680 problem with unigine heaven

    I did some benchmark with 3Dmark 11 and furmark nothings was having a problem only unigine heaven keep crashing my drivers -.- and games fonction very well I pass from 55-88 avg to 80-90 fps on ultra no AA I will post my 3d mark and furmark result later and maybe with Unigine valley...Here are...
  3. S

    frames wont go over 60 on gtx 760

    i used to run 2 R9 270 on my pc and i decided to swap em out with 2 gtx 760 i was interested in the shadow play function i isntalled them and updated them i jumped ina game and my frames wouldnt go over 60 the R9's used to hit 120 easy on the games i played any ideas ive read that maybe the card...
  4. E

    ASUS Impact Mini-ITX compatible heatsinks ?

    Hello everybody, This is my first post to this forum. Hoping to find an answer to a question thats bothering me a lot. I am planning to build a computer with the Asus Impact mobo mini itx, and will be using a sff Silvertstone sg05 case. I only have 86 mm height clearance for the heatsink but I...
  5. D

    First PC Build Help!

    Hi all, a few days ago, I made a post, asking for some help, which I recieved, but then decided to modify a lot, so I started a new thread. I am building a gaming PC for the first time, and am choosing parts. I am on a budget of £750. I would be playing games like Battlefield 3, Skyrim [with a...
  6. A

    What is a console port?

    High CPU requirement probably means a "console port". Almost everything nowadays is a "console port". Explain thoroughly what is a console port.
  7. G

    Need Help Choosing a Case!

    Hello everyone! I am currently finalizing the components list for my first build and really need help choosing a case. My ideal price range is $100, but if there is a case MUCH better available for a bit more I could manage to go up to $140. I'm totally new to do-it-yourself building so I'd...
  8. K

    i need help Seagate® Expansion 4tb not working

    I boughtSTBV4000100 The Seagate® Expansion 4tb it work well i had transfer 1 tb data to this hard disk without any problem but today i was shocked when i plug the device to the Power its work only for one minutes or maybe less than a minutes during this minutes the hard disk does not appear in...
  9. M

    flashing motherboard with usb

    hello my motherboard is asus striker extreme and my pc boots up fine but i get the signal error on my moniter i have checked gpu and ram and batter and taken the hdd out and the dvd writer and it boots up fine but dose not show me display, could this be due to my bios being deleted or is the...
  10. T

    fx 6300 with gtx 690

    Would an FX 6300 OCed to 4.2 bottleneck a gtx 690? I plan on overclocking the GPU if possible. My friend has a 690 that he doesn't need and he's going to let me use it for now.
  11. X

    Monitor For Gaming

    So I will be soon purchasing a new monitor and was wondering what you would recommend. I will be spending around £170/$250. I have seen an Asus VE247H which seem pretty good, what would you guys recommend? Thanks :) - Tommo
  12. P

    Assassin's Creed IV fps 10-15

    Hi, I just got AC4 and I run it with Fraps. It shows just 10-15 fps and it's very frustrating. My specs: Win 8.1 64bit Intel Core i7 2.20GHz GeForce GT635M 2GB 8GB RAM Can my problem be fixed by anything else other than getting new gear? Please, help.
  13. N

    Tips for first time builder?

    I'll be building my first system in a few days, and I'm wondering if there's anything I should know before I start. I'll Google an assembly guide and go of that, but if there's anything else k should know, let me know! I'm using a corsair 200R, 6350, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, and I forget the...
  14. X

    Old E8400 Problem

    Hello everyone, I'm having problems with my Core 2 Duo E8400 3GHz CPU. When I boot the Pc, the CPU fan doesn't spins, there is no noise but everything else works fine. My specs: C2d e8400, GTX650Ti 1GB, 212 EVO, 4GB DDR2, Seasonic S12 520W, ASUS P5KPL-C/1600. What should I do? Thanks
  15. R

    Intel pentium g3420 or Amd athlon x4 760k

    Hi there, i am planning on building a budget gaming pc. Which cpu will be better for the latest games? I will also be looking to upgrade in the near future, but at the moment i am only interested in an entry level system that will have playable frame rates. Also which cpu has a more promising...
  16. W

    Urgent dell problem, keep restarting after 3 seconds from boot

    Hi, I really need help ASAP I have dell inspiron 5110 laptop, I decided to download fresh copy of windows 7, and I did, but after finish the installation, it restart at the first few seconds after the logo screen appear, any idea what should I do in order to fix this? I'll be very thankful
  17. K

    What is freezing my computer

    I have had this problem for a few months now. I'll be playing my computer and the screen will just freeze. Nothing responds, CTRL ALT DEL does nothing, I have to hold the power button. I replaced the hard drive Freezes continued I ran a memtest and it said my ram was faulty. replaced all ram...
  18. W

    This Temp ok?, should I re-apply Artic Silver?

    I built a new pc over thanksgiving weekend, but got a dud of a motherboard, I had gone through the process of applying some Arctic silver 5, as it suggests on there website. But of course in order to remove the board, I had to remove, the heatsync and the cpu. I put the cpu (i7 4770k) back in...
  19. S

    Spilled thermal compound on motherboard and cpu

    Hey guys, i f'ed up lol. I spilled the thermal compound(CM IC Essential E1) on underneath my cpu(the pins) and on my motherboard(where the pins go in to) Will this break my CPU and/or Mobo? or is the thermal compound resistant to that?
  20. kamenrusev

    Gigabyte GTX 760 Overclock

    Hi guys! :) So, a few days ago i got my new videocard, it's Gigabyte GTX 760 OC windforce 3x, this one . And my question is, with OC Guru 2, how do i overclock my card, please give me exact numbers :) P.S. this is just for games like...