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  1. G

    Gigabyte F2A55M-HD2 Posts but no video (full story inside)

    This whole thing is really bizaare so I'll try to retrace all my steps. I built a computer with the above mobo and stuck in an old Hard drive that had windows installed already. Everything booted up fine and I was using it for several weeks. I also vaguely recall successfully accessing the...
  2. F

    [Troubleshooting] Fans spin, no POST, no beeps, no monitor output... hoping this HTPC might be working for my parents for Chri

    More details: One light on on the front which is power light. Unsure if other lights should be on / if they are hooked up properly. Processor is AMD A10 5800K, part # AD580KWOHJBOX Mobo is fm2-a55m-e33 by MSI Case is XON-720p_bk by XION Taking the RAM out I get 3 beeps. There's no...
  3. DireMe

    Help me Upgrade my PC!

    Hey! I bought a pc in october and it is working really good, but I Ain't too happy. It plays games on highest (most) but I want a motherboard uppgrade as well as a CPU. I got some money this christmas and have enough to do this. Though later I want a new video card and then I have to upgrade my...
  4. T

    Cant get past Bios screen

    Hy! I have an i5 2500k and i tried to overclock it to 4.0GHZ.I tought it was nothing accepted the changes without changing the voltage. After this I rebooted I cant seem to get past the BIOS screen. When it is on the BIOS screen sometimes it beeps (The regular turning on short beep)...
  5. viveknayyar007

    I Want Windows Server 2012 to Always Assign Same IP Address to File Server

    You are talking about DHCP reservation. When you want a particular client computer to always receive the same IP address from the DHCP server, you reserve the desired IP address in the DHCP reservation. In order to reserve a particular IP address for a specific DHCP client computer, you must...
  6. D

    Why does my PC freezes during gameplay?

    I cant solve this problem, and i have been trying for a while.When i play games like samp (San andreas multiplayer), Call of duty (all versions), or league of legends my PC just freezes when i get into a big war, fight or a lot of smoke and dirt just freezes everything, even the keyboard and...
  7. Jaks0n

    What is the best 27" gaming/entertainment monitor for under £300?

    Need some ideas for great 27" gaming/entertainment (movies) monitor for under £300, looking for 1440p or the best 1080p monitor possible!
  8. L

    new computer, video game issues help.

    I have a question.. I bought and built my computer less than 2 weeks ago When I play video games like Assassin Creed: Black Flag Some of the generated players are; Invisible / Missing but you see the rope tied around them, Don't load until you're standing on top of them, Break dance on...
  9. K

    Laptop for graphic design student

    Hello, my sister is going into graphic design school and were looking at these two laptops but we don't know if they would be good enough for her program...
  10. T

    Corsair CX430 or EVGA 430w?

    Corsair CX430 or EVGA 430w
  11. J

    Which is better?

    Which one should I purchase? "MSI R7 260X 2GD5 OC Radeon R7 260X 2GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card" or a "GIGABYTE GV-R779OC-2GD Radeon HD 7790 2GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card"?
  12. W

    550 w psu with oc'd gtx 770

    Hey all so I decided to go for the 770 posted in the comments now I'm worried that my psu isn't enough... ORIGINAL POST (SOLVED)Im well overdue for upgrading my gpu but I'm not sure what card to get, here are my specs; sandy bridge I7 2700k, msi z77a g43, gtx 460 and the power supply is a...
  13. J

    Problem with getting gbps one way

    Hi, I am having an issue getting full speed with my server to my htpc. When I copy a file from the server to the htpc it transfers at roughly 60-80mbps. When I copy a file from the htpc to the server it transfers at 8-12mbps. Files are typically 5-8gb iso files. I have full cat5e cables...
  14. V

    R9 290 and 290x power requirements?

    Would the be enough for the r9 290 or 290x. It is a 650 watt power supply. I already have it and will not be getting any other power supplies. Thank you in advance.
  15. D

    What power supply do you recommend for my set up?

    Intel Core i7-4960X ASUS P9X79 LGA 2011 Intel X79 EVGA GeForce GTX760 2GB GDDR5 G.SKILL Ripjaws Z Series 8GB (4 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 1600MHz Cooler Master Hyper 212 EV Intel SSD 320 Series 160Gb Can you recommend a power supply brand and wattage please?
  16. K

    How to copy files from internal HDD to external HDD using CMD in Windows 8 install - Tutorial

    So after the decision of formatting my Windows 7 partition to put Windows 8 on, I got an error saying I couldn't install Windows 8. The big problem is that the installer wanted me to format my ENTIRE HDD when I have important files on an alternative partition. In this tutorial, I'll show you how...
  17. P

    Can I use Radeon 7770 on this computer

    Hi everyone. I'm have zero knowledge of computer and laptop so I need help with upgrading my game FPS Right now I have Gateway SX2370-UR30P. Quad A6-3600 APU with Radeon HD6530D It works fine with low setting in GW2 / Tera at 20 FPS, but recently my girlfriend is enjoying playing MMORPG with...
  18. R

    Gaming Build (First Time)

    This is what I have so far: I'd like suggestions, comments, etc :)
  19. X

    Is a good idea to OC my cpu?

    I have an intel core i5 750 and i will buy a gtx 770 so i dont know if my cpu will be able to maximise my gpu, so i am answering if overclocking my cpu 2.6 to 3.8 ghz i will win performance. I play at 1080p. Thanks for your time and merry christmas.
  20. U

    Can't access BIOS (No OS)!

    I have just built a pc and turned it on. I had my keyboard plugged in and pressed del to get into the BIOS. Nothing happened. Then there was 3 short beeps that happened and it asks to "reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key" I have...