Question 750W PSU can't handle RTX 3080?

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Vic 40

Not sure I completely understand what you're asking. But I have 2 cables coming out of the PSU going to the 2 parts of the dongle connection which goes into the GPU itself. Hope that clarifies it for you.
What i wanted to know, just wanted to be sure you use two cables.

simple question not trying to hijack nothing, im new here smh.
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Nov 16, 2020
While you cannot know for sure until you try, 750W is the minimum recommended PSU.
I've just put in an order for Corsair's RM850x through BestBuy (It was $100 more on Amazon which is insanity). I will report back here once I install the new PSU and do some testing. I've found that I see at least one shutdown per day, hopefully that will change. I also hope that Corsairs modular cables are the same between products so I can just leave the old cables... I really don't want to route the cables again.

Any updates on your new PSU? I'm running a similar build with an EVGA 3080 and I've had instability issues trying to run the OC scanner on EVGA and Nvidia programs. It just restarts my computer when it reaches a certain clock speed. I have a 750 rmx and a 9700K. The EVGA tech support guy said it coulddd be the PSU.


Mar 14, 2020
It just restarts my computer when it reaches a certain clock speed. I have a 750 rmx and a 9700K. The EVGA tech support guy said it coulddd be the PSU.
It's not. Due to nature of PSU incompatibility with RTX3080 - tripping of over-current protection on RTX3080's very high transient power spikes, if that occurs - PC wouldn't just restart, it would shutdown and wouldn't not start again unless you cycle the power switch on PSU. If it just restarts then it's likely not a PSU.
Oct 29, 2020
Hello there! I have the same problem with random reboots while gaming and only while gaming. My system is a Seasonic GX-750 driving a MSI RTX 2070 Super Ventus OC and i7-8700. I emailed Seasonic support with the following question:

"I have a Seasonic Focus GX-750 driving a RTX 2070 Super and i7-8700. I sometimes get random reboots when gaming. My question is: If the Seasonic OPP, OCP or OTP trips will the PC immediately restart by itself or the user need to restart the PC?"

Seasonic Support replied as follows:
"If a safety kicks in, your will computer will shutdown. You will need to start it again. In case it's the OTP, you will have to wait for the internal temperature to lower down before to be able to start your PSU again. For your issue, it can be various reasons to cause such issue. We would recommend to check your RAM as well as your motherboard for example."

So it appears that if your PC reboots instead of shutting down, the problem is not the PSU. Hope this helps to identify the component responsible. In my case I suspect my new GPU as the problem started after upgrading from a GTX1050Ti.
Nov 21, 2020
Hello All!

I have exactly same issue after installing my gigabyte 3080 vision.

I had a EVGA 850W

I have ordered a new corsair 1000W , did you affected guys still having the issue when PSU replaced have been done?

Oh wow, that's a great PSU. While it's possible that you got a broken PSU, lack of wattage was definitely not part of your problem. Personally, I would have exchanged the power supply from where you purchased it, or submitted a warranty claim to EVGA, and requested an advanced RMA; they send you a new unit, before you send them the broken one. In order to do this, they will require a credit card number on-file as collateral. FYI: I'm pretty sure that Super Flower manufactured the G3's. They are one of the top power supply manufacturers in the world. Ironically I had a EVGA P2 850 that malfunctioned 2-3 years ago, but received a replacement unit through advanced RMA.

Anyway, good luck on the replacement, although I don't think it was necessary. I think that you simply received a poor unit, if indeed the problem was power related.
Nov 21, 2020
@rcald2000 it is... but unfortunately there are many people with the same PSU and with the same issues with the RTX 3080. It is related with the transient spikes coming from the RTX and the response of the PSU. It's the <Mod Edit> of this new RTX series, the PSU by itself is OK, all voltages and temps are fine...
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