7850 Poor Performance - Bottlenecking or is something else wrong?


Nov 10, 2012
I recently bought a Radeon 7850 2gig to improve my FPS for playing CS:GO. Previous to this, I had a very low end geforce and ran the game at 30-35 FPS. After buying the 7850, my FPS is now like 30-40. My CPU is an Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 - am I not seeing any real FPS gain because my CPU was likely already close to bottlenecking, or should I definitely be seeing a significant FPS boost? If this is probably not just my CPU, what are some other possibilities I should look into?

I was planning on not getting as much as I could be out of the 7850, but figured I'd get up to a decent FPS in game and then keep the card when I build a new computer in a month...