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  1. DF_

    Working remotely & synchronishing files across multiple HDDs

    Hello, I have a question concerning taking HDDs on the go, and consolidating files. Outline I work in VFX and CGI. I have a studio with two very well-specd Ryzen builds that I use on a daily basis, and at the moment one of those PCs has various HDDs within it that I use for projects; these...
  2. System32_76

    Question Xubuntu Installer Not Detecting 1TB HDD

    Hello everyone. I recently tried to install Xubuntu 20.04 onto my system, but for some reason, the installer doesn't detect my 1TB hard drive at all. It only recognizes the flash drive that I'm using to install Xubuntu with. The same thing happens when I'm trying to install Mint as well, but...
  3. J

    Question How to unscrew the middle of the platter?

    Hey guys How are you today?, Guys I was scrapping my old hard drives and getting the pieces but one of the platters is really hard to unscrew, whenever I use the torx screwdriver number 8, the platter spins, and when stopping the platter it doesnt unscrew. I dont care about the platter just...
  4. C

    Question Looking for large, silent storage

    Hi all, Recently been building my new pc and so far very happy with the way I've managed to optimise the hardware to be quite quiet. One of the best things I did was swap out the 4tb Seagate Nas Ironwolf drive that came with the pc to a 240gb ssd, however this has left me with much less...
  5. sds20020024

    Question How many 16TB hard drives can a Threadripper 3970x server with 256GB ram handle?

    Hi everyone, first timer here. The title pretty much says it all. I've been considering building a storage server myself, with these components: Server case: Norco RPC-4244 ( https://www.newegg.com/norco-rpc-4224/p/N82E16811219038 ) CPU: AMD Threadripper 3970x (32core/64thread) GPU: Gtx 1050 (...
  6. S

    [SOLVED] installing second ssd. Boot and system partitions are on separate drives. Not sure how to proceed

    I have just bought a 1TB SSD that I want to set up. I am a bit out of my depth in trying to set it up with what I have already going on my PC. I tried to install the new SSD the other day into one of the 2 available sata 3.0 ports on my mobo that were taken up by my old 64gb SSD and a 1TB HDD...
  7. System32_76

    [SOLVED] How Many Times Needed to Securely Erase An HDD?

    The title explains itself. I'm using Darik's Boot and Nuke to securely erase an HDD. I'm using the RCMP option, which involves 8 passes, and it seems good enough for that. I also saw an option called Gutmann Wipe, which involves 35 passes, but it seems overkill.
  8. System32_76

    [SOLVED] Cannot Find Out Correct Partition Storage Size

    Hello, I noticed a discrepancy recently regarding a partition of mine that I installed Ubuntu Studio on. According to Gparted, it shows that the partition that it's installed on reads 652.71 GB total compared to what it shows on the desktop. On the desktop for that same partition, it reads...
  9. G

    [SOLVED] Do all external hard drives turn off automatically?

    I'm looking forward to buying an external hard drive to download my games on, so I was wondering if the external hard drive turns off Automatically while im not using it.
  10. O

    Question Windows 10 backup and file history of multiple internal drives

    Hello, Windows 10 allows me to selet multiple internal and external drives for backup. After it backs up it's shown that it's backed up on the backup drive but file history only shows my C drive no other internal drives are visible in the file history. Is this the way it's intended for Windows...
  11. i try and budget

    Question Shadowplay videos freezing/laggy/stuttering???

    Hello everyone. This honestly has me really frustrated I have so many recordings just like little one minutes clips of my highlights and the videos are coming out very laggy especially at the "best" part this is ridiculous.. I have a gtx 960ssc fully updated with an I7 cpu and 12gb of ram. And...
  12. N

    Question Pooling hard drives

    I have a need/want for all my data (images) to be accessible on a single drive. Right now I have 6+ tb and growing. I've just purchased 2 10tb drives that I intend to pool into a 20tb drive. I want to know the best way to "join" the drives. I know about and have used storage sense, but is...
  13. rexless

    Question No Post No Boot

    Computer just something odd that I have never seen been before. When the system powers on, it has red staggered vertical bars. The system won’t let me get into the BIOS. I suspect motherboard going bad. How about some advice? Attached a picture of the screen.Picture
  14. S

    Question Rate my System

    Eyo! Would appreciate if someone would check out my new system to fix/make something better. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/mNfwsZ Thanks in advance!
  15. F

    Laptop CPU comparison and difference

    Hello everyone, I've recently started looking for a new laptop, and I'm stuck on choosing the right CPU, mainly for everyday use, university-level coding and university-level projects. As I've noticed, both core i3 and core i5 are 2C/4T processors (until the 8th generation), with a slight...
  16. E

    [SOLVED] Accidently broke two pins when bending them, is the cpú unusable?

    Hey, I'm selling my old computers' parts, and wanted to fix the pins on my cpu that were bent out of position, but when I got to the last two pins, I accidently broke them simultaneously. Is the cpu now busted? I don't want to sell a broken piece of hardware.
  17. K

    Question How do I set up two monitors, two keyboards and two mice in two different rooms to work with one computer?

    I live in a three story townhome. I would like to be able to access my computer from the 3rd floor room and from a room on the 1st floor. I will be the only one using the computer. So basically, I am hoping there is a gadget that allows me to have only a monitor, keyboard and mouse on one of...
  18. K

    Question Cpu cooler in zalman zm t3

    So im looking to buy a cpu cooler for my upcoming i5 9600k i was going for CM Hyper 212 evo but it seems it's not compatible with my matx case, so which cooler would fit the best for this cpu and case? The budget is about 30 euros I wanna buy it from www.skytech.lt thanks a lot!
  19. B

    Question Pc beeps once after gpu installation but no display

    After I installed an old Radeon hd 7790 to my pc and turn it on I get a single beep which I think is the way it says that it posted and all fans start spinning normally, but I get no signal on the monitor. My first try was with a dvi-a(connected to the gpu) to vga(connected to the monitor) cable...
  20. N

    Question Asus battery will not charge

    Asus says my laptop battery is not removable and I need to send to some far off state for a replacement battery. Is there a portable power source that I can use instead of sending off my laptop that I need to use every day?