Sep 27, 2003
Hey. I planned on buying this and the question is what brand. I wrote earlien this day and asked wich brand. everyone said sapphire but... there is some 9600 pro ATLANTIS.... I dont know if thats some king of budget version. ?. or are all named atlantis?


Dec 31, 2007
I think the Atlantis is made by Sapphire.

I'm not positive, though. Does anyone else know?

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Jun 13, 2002
I would just go for the one made by ATI, that is what i have and it's working great. The sapphire cards have problems with their cooling sometimes and might be underclocked when you get them.

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Ok here's the thing (kinda repeated from last thread).
The Atlantis is Sapphire's generic name for all their cards. From there, there is the Fireblade and the Ultimate Edition.
The regular Atlantis(s) have been known to ship with alot of different memory modules (like as if Sapphire just pops on whatever's lying around for that week). Some of them have shipped with 3.3ns memory (<b>GW</b> that thread you pointed me to in Rage3D forum had one guy who had the Saphire with the 3.3ns memory and his core OCs sucked too). Anywho, the Fireblade is the Atlantis series that has the guaranteed fast memory. The Ultimate edition unfortunately is a little iffy too. It's the Passively cooled atlantis, and I have seen reviewers with 2.86ns memory as well as 3.1ns memory.

Sapphire is a good build if you are running at sotck. But if you wish to experiment with overclocking (which is/was one of the benifits of the R9600Pro) then you want to avoid the basic Atlantis.

That's just been my experience, especially since many people come to me with their R9600 issues/problems/questions.

Hope that helps.

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