9800gt xfx - NO POST


Jul 27, 2009
im sure there already has been a post about this .... but lets give it a go anyways.... :ange:

i just bought a 9800gt xfx for my dads PC

and it just doesn't post (blank screen with no signal and the motherboard just clicks a few times and switches over to on board vga).

there are no power connectors on the card , and there are no converters for power that came with it . i tried using it on my board and it does the same. the LAN light flashes on and off and then it kicks into on board vga. my mobo is pciex 2.0 and Ive got dual 4850. :)

my dads mobo is pciex 16x mobo . not pciex 2.0 ( but pciex 2 cards are backward compatible?)
psu - 500w (Theres no brand name just amperage and how much output .)

is that enough power or am i missing something ? DOA ?or just MIA due to little power

any hints might help a lot lol

thanks in advance