Question 99% Usage but low clock speed and bad performance


May 3, 2020
Sometimes when I'm playing the clock goes down to a certain number and keeps there, my FPS drops a lot. I'm playing Monster Hunter: World for example, it's at 140fps with high clock speeds, then it goes down to 491 ~ 493 and my fps goes to 18 ~ 30. I didn't had that problem before, this happened with GTA IV, GTA V and MH:W, these are the games I've played recently. This is not an heavy area problem, i'm at 900p resolution, my videocard can play these games. I thought that was a driver problem but i'm using this driver since i've bought the gpu (2 months ago) and only recently this started to happen. Driver update + reset to default settings couldn't fix that.

Something that may be the problem but i'm not certain. When it started to happened i've opened MSI Afterburner and realized the clock was locked to that number 491. Not in the options, the only thing I use afterburner for is fan speed, I only change that. I've resetted the MSI configurations and it came back to normal, but later it started again, without any more changes. Can the AMD software adrenalin be doing that? Deciding to use less power? I don't know how that would be the issue since it says the GPU is using 99%. I'm lost here, any help?

MSI Z490
2x8 DDR4 3000Mhz CL15
RX 6600

In the picture:
Usage 99%
Clock speed 491
Energy consumption 12w
Actual temp 41C
Junction temp 41C
FAN Speed 2257rpm