Question 9900K , ASUS Strix vs MSI Ace

Apr 14, 2019
With the Z390 ACE my 9900k was 5Ghz stable at ~ 1.300 VR out - V core was 1.360 at mode 3 LLC

Now with the 4 phase ASUS z390 strix E

I can’t get it stable event at 1.350 V core , i have followed most guides out there
Disabled what needed to be disabled and enabled it to see if there is a different
, tried lvl 5-6-7 LLC
Not working for me
And now I’m on custom cooling , I hoped to get 5.1 put I didn't even manage to hit 5Ghz
as temps hit the sky so can’t do any thing
What’s wrong 😀?
I have to say the ASUS VRM's are just not that good and in fact the MSI Z390 ACE is better. The Gigabyte Z390 ones even the low end like the Aorus Pro and the Aorus Elite are both 12 phase VRM's and can handle the 9900K very well.

Sadly ASUS cheaped out on the VRM's this round especially on there low to mid range boards.