Question A 3080 to play at 1080p, overkill?


Jan 9, 2019
Hello, si i was wondering if a 3080 is too much to play at 1080p, i have a 27 inches, 144 mhz monitor and i dont feel like buying another soon, is that GPU too much for that resolution? because i've noticed some extremely demanding games lately, please advice me, my current gpu is a 6700xt
6700xt is overkill for 1080p. 3080 is massive overkill for 1080p. As someone who’s owned both cards, buy yourself a 1440p 27 inch monitor, save the rest of your cash and pick up something like a 4070ti later.

I owned the 6700xt and it’s fine for 1440p. I just got money at Christmas and got a good deal for a 3080. I will say if you are looking at used I’ve seen some 3080s for about 500 on eBay lately. But a bigger graphics upgrade for you at the moment would be 1440p.
Well, I guess I'd have to admit, I use the 3080ti now and I also play at 1080p in a window, I use to play every game I could at 3440x1440, but I just like being able to drag my mouse out of the game without tabbing out, Windowed fullscreen I quite using, too many games can't seem to get that right so I just don't even try, but yeah the 3080 will be a little overkill for 1080p but if you need or want high fps, well why not.