A Combo Modem/Router Box


Jun 1, 2012

Newbie here in networking as I am setting up my first home network.

Just a question.. my DSL provider provides me a unit of modem/router in one box and call it combo.
Now, what I am doing is just to connect this modem/router into a switch and connect all my pc's
at home with this switch. All of my PC's is able to connect to the internet with this setup.

DSL Modem/Router ---> D Link Switch ---> PC(s)

But I just have some question with this setup:

1. Do I still need to purchase a separate router for this such that I am able to follow this setup

DSL Modem/Router ---> External 4 Port Router ---> D Link Switch ---> PC(s)

2. What are the disadvantages with my current approach? ANd what are the advantages if I add an external router?



You do not need to purchase a router as the DSL has one. The reason most people buy a router is to provide IP addressing for the computers since most modems only provide 1 IP address.

Every time you insert a new piece of equipment you can cause lag and network delay. It's also one more piece that can cause problems.

Since your current setup is working I would leave it the way it is unless you need wireless and the DSL modem/router doesn't provide it.