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Feb 11, 2002
Shuttle AMD DDR ATA/100 AGP 4X 4 USB.... (with 512mb DDR PC-2100 Memory) Very inexpensive which is a plus or...

MSI KT3 Ultra AMD DDR 333 4 USB... (with 512mb DDR 333 PC-2700 Memory) Quite a bit more expensive. At least for my current budget.

Will I notice a difference? If so, is it a big difference? How about gaming. Is it a big difference? Is it worth exceeding a budget for?
Either motherboard will be equipped with a Geforce 3 Ti200 128mb graphics card. Thanks.

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I've used the shuttle ak31a, but don't recognize the model number of this shuttle board. If your interested in overclocking features, I suggest you try to download the mobo manuals from both websites and check the "frequency/voltage control" sections for cpu/ddram/agp voltage adjustments. For the average user, the difference in performance at the default settings is negligable. Only when overclocking will you notice a difference.


Jul 31, 2001
Hey E,

The main thing you should know is: It is not the "brand" of mobo which dictates the performance, but the "chipset". Shuttle makes all kinds of DDR Mobo's, you need to list the chipset. As far as the DDR 333 vs DDR 266 in Athlon setups at default there is not that big a performance gain. If the price difference is very big & the Shuttle mobo is the AK31A(Via KT266A chipset-very good, not the Via KT266 chipset- very poor), just buy the Shuttle mobo & DDR 266 & use the savings on a better Video card. The biggest performance gains in Gaming bench marks are from getting a better video card, not that the GF3 Ti 200 is a bad card. Also get the best quality PSU that you can buy, I like the 430 watt Enermax models myself. Good Luck

Peace Out...............tile

god knows your entire system setup & he would answer your questions if he could just stop laughing

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