A semi-pro wireless ADSL router?


Jun 10, 2012
Hi all :D

Are there any other more serious brands on the market like Zyxel and Draytek, and unlike the typical consumer 49$ from Netgear, Linksys, D-link and the likes? I sincerely dislike the latters, they are buggy, lack features, and don't come with decent options for reliable firewall/intrusion block/syslog.

In the past I always went for Zyxel, but that turned out to have gone the bloatware way. I currently have Draytek, and although that is very good, its syslog capabilities are complete crap; it sends out *all* the connections made (which nobody wants to see), in that process completely cluttering up my syslog server with useless crap, yet at the same time doesn't provide any option to switch that crap of and only report attacks/auto blocks etc (the so-called 'exception reporting'). I am on my way of buying a new combined ADSL modem/router since I just bought a big Synology and now need to upgrade everything in the house to gigalan, so I am in need of a new. Since Zyxel has 'repositioned itself in the market segments' ( :lol: ), Draytek provides nada syslog, I would be needing to look for something else. Skipping the consumer 49$ stuff, that leaves?

Might any of you know of brand number 3, next to the Zyxel and Draytek?

Would building a reliable wireless-n combined ADSL modem/router yourself be possible/difficult/expensive?

Thank you in advance for your help, I am in your debt for it :wahoo: