Question Access control in a network domain ?

Nov 24, 2021

I'm currently studying data-communication and one of the concepts we've gone through is a bit foggy for me.
We've seen pictures of internet domains with several different infrastructure, and we've been asked "which parts of this infrastructure does require access controll?"

I'm not quite sure, is it only wireless that require access control because wired is full duplex? Or have i misunderstood?

Example of the picture here:

Thanks in advance!
It all depends on what you mean by " access control".

Generally that is not the words they use when they are talking about wireless but maybe? It has nothing to do with half and full duplex. There is no method to control who is using the radio airwaves at any certain time. That is the huge design disadvantage wifi has to systems used by cell providers where the networks is in full control of the end device radios.

Most times this term is more general. I would say access to the servers and maybe access to the internet. You also have a overall access control to the network just with forcing a domain login.