Acer Aspire vs. Gabeway laptop for my 13 yr. old.


Dec 1, 2012
Comparing an Acer Aspire and a Gateway laptop for my kids for Xmas. Seems that both have 4GB mem, 500GB hard drive. The Gateway has Windows 8 and the Acer has Windows 7. Need some advice before I exchange the Acer that I bought at WalMart last week for the Gateway at Target tomorrow. Thank you very much for any advice!!
Most 13 yr olds have no preconcieved notions of what an operating system should look/feel like, the win 8 machine should be fine, it may even feel 'friendlier' to the less experienced user.
What processors do the laptops have? Is there a price difference? Doesn't have any effect on which OS, just considering functionality.