Question Adding a router behind a router for setup


Oct 5, 2015
Gonna try and keep it simple.

I need to use the router provided by my internet provider.

That router is absolutely crap, and i cant use another service (due to legal stuff in the block i live in).

So i have to use that router for internet acess to the internet.

Now, my kid uses a <Mod Edit> of bandwith in spikes, by browsing tiktok, streaming and playing games at the same time.
Hence i would like to limit the bandwith she can use, so i dont get all the spikes on my side, now, this <Mod Edit>router my internet provideder has given me, dosent have that option built in.

I was thinking about buying a new router, connecting the other one to the new one, and using the new one as acess point, therefore being able to use the router software to limit her acess to bandwith.

Is that possible? to use the bad router, just for internet, and using the newer model as a link and acess point, giving me acess to bandwith limitation and such?

A access point will not work. Pretty much you need to think of this as a wifi radio connected via ethernet. It does not do much else.

What you want to do is run the new router as a actual router. Option 1 is to just put your new router behind the ISP and pretend that is your internet connection. You would likely want to turn off the wifi radios in the ISP router so the kid does not try to bypass your restrictions. You might have issue with some game consoles. If the ISP router has a DMZ option you could point that at your new router and it will solve many of the NAT game console issues.

Option 2 is to try to run the ISP router as only a modem. Most have a bridge mode.

In any case make sure you find a router that has good parental control options. Be aware the kids learn really quickly how to bypass site filters. The only restriction that tend to work and can not be bypassed easily is time of day restrictions, and total bandwidth by device limits. I would set a strong rule that says any attempt to bypass the restrictions will result in internet device being taken away for a period of time. You can lock it down very securely but it gets to be tedious. Pretty much if the kid does stuff like change mac addresses to bypass the restriction they get no internet.
If they're using a wired connection, I'd just put this in between their connection and the router--problem solved. :D

If they're using wireless, make this their wireless connection:

And the final solution would be to remove their devices and make them pay you for them before you give them to them. They can get a job and quit being another entitled kid in the world--there's enough of them already!