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  1. DawhnEnchant

    Question Asus RT-AX88U Portfowarding not working

    I have the asus RT-AX88U and im trying to portfoward to have my minecraft server connect to it, but when I open the server only I can join and no one else can connect to it. I have already set up the port and still does not work.
  2. S

    Question Ethernet but no wifi, have tried all solutions

    A couple of days ago the internet suddenly went out on my Netgear R7800 all across the house, knocking out our smart devices in the process. The wifi lights on the device are on, and I've tried holding it down; I've power cycled and hard reset both the modem and the router which did not solve...
  3. A

    Question High packet loss

    So about two months ago, i started facing this weird internet issue. Whenever I am on a voice call with someone, let it be Whatsapp or messenger, the other person's voice just cuts for a few seconds every 2 or 3 minutes. Even when gaming online, my games randomly lag for a few seconds then work...
  4. Q

    Question Do we have a modem?

    Okay. Here’s my silly question for the day. I’ve been reading about routers vs modems, how modems provide the internet while routers emit the wifi signal. I have been confused about our situation regarding a modem for years. Now I finally decided to try to figure it out. Do we even have a modem...
  5. P

    Question Cat6 cable vs modem, where is the fault ?

    I have a D-Link WiFi router where my Internet cable is connected. Due to reasons, the WiFi is not strong enough to be received with considerable speed on the other end of my house, I figured I will run a 10 metre long CAT-6 cable on my old router Netgear configured as AP(Access Point) mode to my...
  6. M

    Question ASUS DSL-N10_C1 Suddenly stopped working and acting strangely

    Hi, I've got a ASUS DSL-N10_C1 ADSL Router. It was working flawlessly and without a single problem. I turned it off then on couple hours latter and it's not working anymore! What I get is only a power light. No ADSL, no Internet and no WiFi. If I attach a cable the LAN light turns on but it...
  7. G

    Question Every device on my network randomly drops wifi/wired connection

    This problem is very wide-spread and it's been going on for a long time. Every device - wired/wireless/mobile has some kind of problem with my internet. Mostly PCs and Laptops. Phones ocasionally. Sometimes they just randomly drop out, and you have to restart the router, and sometimes the...
  8. Cactws

    Question Internet stops working for everyone when I connect my to the router...

    There has been 4 days this is happening. Internet works fine on every other device when my computer is shut down or not connected to the router via cable. But the moment I connect it, the internet simply stops working, on the PC, on my cellphone and everyone else's in the house. What is going...
  9. G

    Question Router will not connect to the internet through the modem

    Hello, I have recently bought a tp-link AC1600 Wireless router. From my limited research online I should just plug an ethernet cable into the wan port on the router and the modem and I should be able to get internet. But for whatever reason the rouer cannot connect to the internet. Any ideas...
  10. P

    Question Connection lost when I plug in a 2nd LAN cable in the router (but then, the 2nd connection works fine)

    Hi. So I've been an IT tech for 3 years but I'm currently experiencing something that I've never seen before. Here's a diagram of my setup at home: View: Here's a 3min video that I recorded of the problem: View: My ISP's 'dish'...
  11. G

    Question I cannot connect to my Default Gateway.

    Hi, I have an Eero Router and I am trying to connect to the default gateway the way anybody else would. I put it in a web browser, specifically Google Chrome. When I do this, I get a page saying that the site can't be reached. I don't know what to do. If you guys could help that would be great...
  12. S

    Question What is the best / most advanced router that I can replace my current verizon router with?

    Hello all, This is a picture of my current Verizon router: I currently have a 400/400Mbps Download/Upload Plan. The problem is that the router's range is limited and wont reach my backyard or my basement because its placed on the third floor. What I need you guys to...
  13. Arisius

    Question Router: Segmentation Fault

    Router log: [Alert] 104001 The sw version[R4.1.48.025] reboot reason[Segmentation Fault] [Alert] 104001 The system will reboot now: Segmentation Fault [Alert] 104001 The sw version[R4.1.48.025] reboot reason[Segmentation Fault] [Alert] 104001 The system will reboot now: Segmentation Fault...
  14. P

    Question Not getting full speed on my home network

    I recently bought two new gigabit routers called qualitel ac1200 and my data package is a 100mbps line but in my country the line providers are doubling everyone's speeds so I now have 200. My first main router is plugged into the modem and gives 200 via WiFi and if wired but for some reason I...
  15. Zippy the Hippy

    Question why cant my 2 subnets communicate

    i have pc1, and switch in subnet a. i have pc2 in subnet b with router connecting them. pc1 can ping all the way to router including the interface that pc2 is on but cant ping pc2. pc2 cant ping anything. subnet a is a /26 and subnet b is a /28. why cant they see each other? thanks
  16. D

    Question I keep losing sync on my adsl.

    Router: TP-Link TD-W8961N V2 (The white one) Line stats: View: ISP: Maroc Telecom (Morocco) So, I've had this problem with internet for the last 2 weeks and it's starting to drive me insane. It started a week after the ISP changed my line (they created a new...
  17. A

    Question No Internet Access on IPv4 Connectivity

    I've been having this problem for sometime when I am trying to connect to my router or a Range extender, I keep getting the same message which is no internet access on IPv4. Everything seems to be working fine, the network is being identified but that about it. I got no connection to the...
  18. FiliDapura

    [SOLVED] My modem has a built in router but it sucks. Can i buy a separate router to improve the wifi range?

    I have a modem with a built in router but the signal is very weak. My internet works fine but the wifi's range is short. When I'm 20+ feet away from it, the signal drops to 1 bar. Sometimes it drops completely. I want to know if i can buy a router to fix the wifi range? Thanks in advance!
  19. zedti2000

    Question I suddenly cannot enter my router settings and my 5ghz network is disappearing

    Hello everyone,so I have encountered a problem today.When I type into my browser(firefox) it says that connection is timed out.I have used this before and it has worked.I also checked ipconfig and used several browsers but the problem still persists(checked troubleshooting as...
  20. T

    Question Totolink Router - Username Error

    Hi everyone, I recently wanted to access the settings of my router, a TotoLink N302R Plus router (I live in Georgia - the country - hence the relatively unknown brand). I entered my IP address and got to the login screen, but when I typed in the default username and pw, it gave an "incorrect...