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  1. Q

    Question Internet connections drops for a few seconds then comes back on its own

    Hello, for a few months now a few times a day, at random times, my internet cuts off and then after 10-20 seconds comes back on its own. I am using a desktop computer with ethernet cable that's connected to a router. Some phones and laptops use the same router for wifi sometimes. I called my...
  2. J

    Question MIFI is super slow compared to Phone Hotspot. Help

    Need some help here. I have just 1 Data Sim. And i have been using it from my phone as a hotspot. Its all good but once you get calls or stuff, it disrupts the hotspot. So i decided to get a MIFI Router. And it became so slow. Like Download speed is horrible. Upload speed seems fine. Stupid...
  3. Core_Aurora

    Question Windows 10 Not Showing Wi-Fi Network Also After These Fixes

    Hi, I am having an issue with the Wi-Fi connection of my windows 10 PC. My PC is not showing(at first sometimes it showed and sometimes did not) the Wi-Fi network of the router but other Wi-Fi networks such as mobile hotspots are showing up. Also, other devices can detect the Wi-Fi network of...
  4. M

    Question Static IP broke my ethernet connection ?

    Hey there! Been using these forums to answer a lot of my questions for years and am now in need of some more specific help. A while back I noticed my ISP changed my IP address from my hometown in Oregon to an IP in Dallas, Texas. I was suddenly having internet issues and bad lag and...
  5. M

    Question One router, two houses, breaking connection

    Hello, Need help with the following: There are two houses ("big" and "guest"), the distance between them is around 4 meters. Wifi router is placed in the Big House. The signal strength in the Guest House is around -75 db according to my laptop. The connection is breaking, and ping sometimes...
  6. MasterGreen002

    [SOLVED] Port still closed after port forwarding

    I want to run a Minecraft server off of my computer. I port forwarded already and the port is still closed. All the things I've done are: set up the port forward turned on bridge mode on my modem changed the firewall settings to let the port through set up my local ip to be static I have a...
  7. R

    Question USB Modem with a repeater?

    Hello, english isn't my first languague, apologies in advance. My dad has a USB Modem (atleaste that's how we call it in our country). He pays a company for the service. At home, when he connects it to his laptop he gets internet, simple use. He works as a rheumatologist at his place. When he...
  8. Question How to open a port range (multiple ports) on Huawei HG630?

    Hello everyone. I'm having issues in opening ports for a game server (Killing Floor). The ports I need to open are displayed here: As you can see, there are a lot of them, so it would be nice if I could forward a range, but I don't know how. Is there a...
  9. A

    Question My PC cannot access certain web pages, download Steam games but can play online games

    I have an old PC that hasn't been turned on for 4 months. Today I turned it on, linked an ethernet cable (the cable that I use every time) and the network started to behave weirdly. Firstly, I opened Steam and set CS:GO to download. It downloaded 1.6gb and while it was downloading it, I set...
  10. Johnny_P_

    Question PC Somehow on a 2.4GHz connection despite using ethernet

    Last night I was using the airlink feature for my Quest 2, which I had been doing intermittently over the past couple of months, when my internet suddenly went out. When it came back up I would initialize airlink but the Oculus PCVR menu would lag liike crazy and I had no idea why, however I...
  11. Flame1

    [SOLVED] Does living further away from the providers HQ affect the connection?

    Please read: I used to have internet speeds of 70mb DOWN and 20mb UP when I lived in a different city and had a different internet provider. With my new internet provider in a different city that I moved into I get 360mb DOWN and 40mb UP. Now the thing is, I noticed that when I am hosting a...
  12. shubham shama

    Question wifi showing no internet on a mobile and laptop but works fine on other devices

    my wifi router is tp link and its working fine on my mobile through wifi and also working fine on my pc with Ethernet cable but on my sisters laptop and mobile sometimes it shows "no internet" and it just doesnt work , both the laptop and mobile and connected on wifi with the same router some...
  13. TheFlash1300

    Question How do i make my laptop emit signal while in sleep mode?

    Hello. I'm using my laptop as a router to emit signal, so i can connect 8 more devices. The built-in router my laptop has is 802.11ac. My question is, is there a way to make my laptop still emit signal even when the laptop is in sleep mode? Currently, the devices receive internet connection...
  14. tigerfoot

    Question Refresh tired Wi-Fi?

    I’ve got a Netgear Nighthawk R8000 for my home (about 2400sf), with Spectrum which tests a bit over 300mbs download. It’s ok—we mainly zoom, YouTube, and video stream. 4 human users. I’ve got 3 networks defined: 1 2 GHz for guests/lo-fidelity devices like Nest, and 2 5Ghz for streaming...
  15. Question Cannot open ports on my router

    Hello, Im trying to open ports on my router, TP-Link Archer VR400. The issue is that my public IP address indicating ALL ports closed, which is something I never experienced. Everything working fine, except Hamachi and stuff around hosting public Minecraft server. I tried open several ports, I...
  16. danytancou

    Question ASUS ROG STRIX GS-AX5400 Blocking WOL (by MagicPacket) (?)

    Hi everyone, I got this router because my previous NETGEAR WDNR-3700 was getting a bit slow for streaming (still works as well as it always did). With the NETGEAR, used to be able to send a Magic Packet from any device on my network (laptops, desktops & tablets all running Win10 using the old...
  17. beepadyboopady

    Question Ethernet "Unidentified Network - No Internet" but wifi still works

    So my Ethernet stopped working one day, and in Windows it says "Unidentified Network" and "No Internet", but the Wi-Fi on my PC still works. I have tried multiple different solutions after browsing online for 2 days, but none seem to work. Some of the things which I have tried are using the...
  18. J.wilhelm

    Question Router after a switch

    Trying to get better connectivity on the front end of my house. Currently have Modem>router>router but am getting about 100 less mbps up front at the 2nd router. Is it possible to go modem>router>switch>router? This would put everything up front hardwired to the switch, and the 2nd router just...
  19. OzDrDj

    Question Networking impossibility that I can't figure out ?

    Hi There Everyone, Long Bit I have a great question for you all. A Bit of Background, I was running for a long time, A Netgear DGND3700v2, connected to my DoDo ISP Router with Voip. So I'm running Kodi for all my movies. Im getting Dropouts and Buffering So I Run Cables Between my 3 Main PCs, 1...
  20. V

    [SOLVED] Help setting up this network switch

    My router is this: I need to connect my two NAS and my PC to a network switch capable of 10g fiber internet so I found this...
  21. R

    Question Is it safe to plug a router into a router?

    I recently came across and old CenturyLink router/DSL modem sorting through a pile of stuff. I want to play around with it but I'm afraid I'll mess something up if I plug it into my ISP router.
  22. amirthefalcon

    Question Why my wifi6e router is having a slow connection

    Hi everyone I recently bought a wifi 6e 5ghz router to improve my local file transfer speed. i have 2 pcs and i usually move big file's between those systems in windows local network discovery file transfer i only get speed of 17 megabytes per seconds which is pretty disappointing for the money...
  23. P

    Question How to set up a private router ?

    Hey, I want to end terms with my home network service provider and looking to buy a private router and set it up - which I have no idea how to do exactly. I don't know how this goes in other regions, but here you pay for a package deal to have a network infrastructure and a service provider...
  24. S

    Question Hide cisco 2821 router from network

    Hi! I recently started the process of moving my homelab into my college dorm and I noticed that they have a rule against personal routers in the dorm. I know for a fact that a couple of people have already been busted for having wireless routers, but what is the likeliness that they will detect...
  25. simple_Robi

    Question Comunication Between a Google Wifi and a switch

    Goodmorning everyone Here's my network setup: I have my ISP main router, I think a d-link 4G router, as my internet provider. To that router, is connceted through ethernet two things: 1) GoogleWiFi for having all my devices connected to the same wifi all over the house: 2) a TP-link...
  26. K

    Question Help with Network setup

    So, I am looking for advice on a new network setup I am contemplating: I have relatively fast internet (1000/100) and I right now use my ISP Modem as router. I have connected a LinkSys Velop WiFi Mesh system to it (in Bridge), as well as a few LAN switches, to connect my QNAP NAS, my ReadyNAS...
  27. SplitValMiner

    Question Do i need my default ISP modem/router to port forward?

    I want to port forward for my mc server and security cameras. Even tho my router/modem has the option for it,it doesn't work. . I called my ISP and they said that my modem/router has the option for it,but that it's not supported,and that they don't know if they are gonna update it(i should have...
  28. ReHack

    [SOLVED] Tenda AC1200 ac11 router possibly bricked after attempting to update firmware ?

    To anyone that can help me, Here's the situation, I have a Tenda AC1200 a11 router that I tried to update the firmware of. I accidentally clicked a blank space on the web ui while it was updating at 70% which made the progress bar disappear. It then cut off my connection with the router shortly...
  29. P

    [SOLVED] How can i access ipv4 of device in another GHZ but same router?

    Hi, I have a router that has 2.4ghz and 5.8ghz (wifi broadcasts), if I have a device (for example wifi printer, wireless camera, etc) connected to 2.4 and I am on 5.8 (or backward) I can't access it from the ipv4 of the device, and I have to change to the same network of the device for use it...
  30. H

    [SOLVED] Second router suddenly has no internet

    So yesterday I bought the Gigabit TP-LINK Archer AX1500 AX10 router and I connected it LAN to LAN to the first router.It worked fine. Today it dosen't work in any configuration.I tried plugging the cable in the WAN port and the Internet icon on the router is Orange instead of green. View...
  31. V

    [SOLVED] Bought New Router, help with Setup.

    Hi, Which settings/options shall I choose/enable/disable that is overall best optimised for Online Gaming, Privacy & Security: - Is TWT setting only for battery powered portable wifi 6 devices and shall I enable this setting in my router? - What is NAT setting, shall I enable it? - What is...
  32. N

    [SOLVED] How can 2 devices work on 2.4GHz band ? (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi)

    Hi, I have two devices : a D-LINK DIR 819 dual-band router and Google Pixel Buds Series A. I am connecting the Pixel Buds to my phone and connecting my phone on the 2.4GHz WiFi. How are they both working fine ? How can both WiFi and Bluetooth use the same 2.4GHz band? How are they both...
  33. vizinet

    [SOLVED] No response of router (When I type my ip address to browser nothing happen)

    Good morning, I can't get to my router configuration. When I type my ip address to browser nothing happen. My problem: link here Useful stuff I have satellite dish for wifi which is connect with some converter which connect my router. Name of router: hAP lite TC (mikrotik) Model of router...
  34. D

    [SOLVED] Will I limit my routers bandwidth?

    Q: Would me downloading games cause my familys members connection to slow up since I’m using up a lot of resources from the router? (I’m not the greatest at explaining thing so please bare with me) Context: Ok so I recently just got a long ethernet cord for my house to plug in my PC to router...
  35. ankido

    [SOLVED] Nighthawk X6 R8000 killing my speed

    Hi, My Nighthawk X6 R8000 turns out it's not giving me the speeds I pay for. For the last couple of years, I noticed my speed went down from 900mbps to 250mbps. I thought maybe xfinity is being xfinity and killing my speed. I replaced the xfinity modem and used a Motorola and the problem...
  36. megaxbang

    [SOLVED] debug result changes over time (even if i changed the dns in router)

    Hello everyone, I just followed the steps to put DNS on my android phone as well as my router. In the help page found here: , here are my results on Android: Connected to No Using DNS over HTTPS (DoH): No Using DNS over TLS (Dot): No Yes
  37. Avik_b123

    [SOLVED] Does wifi 5 or wifi 4 extender works with wi0fi 6 router?

    I have a Wifi6 (Asus RT-AX3000) router at home. Currently looking for a range extender. Came across the TP-Link AC1200 WiFi Range Extender. But this is a wifi5 extender, will this work with the Wifi6 router?
  38. ToroHanushka

    [SOLVED] Downloads stop intermittently but uploads still work ?

    Hello everyone. I just witnessed really strange behavior from my Internet. I just got new router from provider and it works great. But when I play games or download files my download speed will every 30minutes or so drop to 0 and "disconnect" for 30s. And the weirder part is that the upload...
  39. A6TH

    [SOLVED] ASUS Media Bridge mode?

    ASUS Media Bridge mode allows Ethernet clients to connect to the WiFi network through the router's LAN ports. Do other router manufacturers (TP-Link, Netgear, etc.) offer this feature and if so, what do they call it?
  40. F

    [SOLVED] Ethernet cable issues

    Hello! I have a strange issue: All of a sudden my ethernet cable (5 meters) stopped working. Thus, I bought a new one (10 meters) and this also doesn't get recognized. It seems to be a cheap chinese generic cable. However, the old one, a very short one of 2m does get recognized. The wifi...