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  1. S

    Question Using my own Router (Asus) instead of the Sky 4.2 hub PLEASE HELP

    Hi everyone and thanks in advance for any help you can provide. I have recently upgraded from ADSL to Full fiber (BT Openreach put an ONT in the property) Previously i had been using my ASUS RT-AC68U AC1900 with a Netgear modem and i was very happy with the performance. Unfortunately i cant...
  2. z3hir

    Question Problem updating firmware on DrayTek Router ?

    Hello everyone. I have a DrayTek Vigor 2760n router. I wanted to update it's firmware and when I looked at the official website, I saw that I can update from to After the update, the device stays in TFTP mode and does not turn on. So I switched to using TFTP...
  3. H

    Question How to extend Xfinity hotspot-connection throughout my residence?

    In my neighborhood there is a commercial Comcast / Xfinity hotspot [Wi Fi 5 / 803.11ac]. I don't know how far away it is, but I can connect to the hotspot with my laptop [an HP EliteBook 850 G6], but only by positioning the laptop against the west-facing window of the northern-most room of the...
  4. rsprenkle

    Question Router Recommendations

    Good Morning Community. I only know enough about networking to be dangerous so I need a little advice, please. I have just recently switched from cable internet to fiber (1gig). My mesh system is not capable of delivering the speed I have. I currently have an Orbi RBR50v2 with one satellite, and...
  5. M

    Question Can't connect to range extender

    Hi all. I recently switched Internet provider. They sent a new router and we were able to connect all devices to the router. We were also able to connect our old Netgear range extender to the router, but no devices would connect to the extended network. I've just bought a new, better range...
  6. velocci

    Question impact of a lot of torrents on a router

    Hi all, I have an ISP modem in bridged mode. I have my own netgear router (R7200) and a switch. plugged into that switch I have all my machines and I also have a QNAP nas. I also have two TV boxes plugging into that switch. on that NAS i'm running a Windows 10 virtual machine that I use for...
  7. W

    Question Asus xt-8 AI-mesh ping issues

    Hello, I have two asus xt-8 router/mesh nodes. One is set up as a master and one is connected as an ai-mesh node with ethernet backhaul. I really bought these routers hoping they would be able to provide a smooth wifi experience. But haven't been able to get them working correctly. When playing...
  8. V

    Question Devices connected to repeater cannot see devices connected to the main router?

    I have ISP branded xPON wifi router (which is essentially rebranded AC1200 from Gigabit). I have setup another Tenda router (AC10) as a repeater (tried both modes- WISP and Client+AP) My PC is connected to the repeater. I can access PC folders from Android phone via SMB only when the phone is...
  9. S

    Question Best Modem for Virgin Media Gigabit Internet

    I am looking to get Virgin Media Gigabit and having two installation points. One in the lounge and one in the home office. Virgin only provide 1 router/modem. I do have the Draytek Vigor 130 modem and Netgear Nighthawk XR500 (this is router only, no modem capability). I am looking at having one...
  10. S

    Question Where is the ON/OFF buttons on my Verizon FIOS optical network termination (ONT) white box?

    Here are pictures of the optical network termination (ONT) white box: Picture 1: Picture 2: Normally, there are some lights either, green light or red light. Now there are no lights and my internet doesnt work. The black box battery I think is...
  11. S

    Question Do I NEED this Verizon white box powered ON to connect to the internet with my wireless router?

    My house just had a black-out and I restarted my power. My white Verizon wall box just started beeping (I think its because the white box is telling me that I need to replace the battery): For some reason, my router can't connect to the internet:
  12. M

    Question Mixed/bad network performance

    I dont know if this is right thread but I will explain everything: I am using "home package" as my ISP descirbes it,its basically router with sim card that you can plug anywhere and have internet,so its not cable or optic. Its 4G so I *could* get unlimited speed for 4G.PC is connected to router...
  13. B

    Question Building WLAN mesh in a single family home

    Hello, I want to add WLAN to my recently built single family house. It has 3 floors, so I have the following plan: Internet WLAN router on floor 1, Wireless AccessPoint on floor 2 and Wireless AccessPoint on floor 3. Each device has its own wired connection to the home network. Can I build a...
  14. G

    Question Mini PC Not Booting ?

    I purchased a Qotom Q190G4U Mini PC a few years ago, had pfsense installed and running as a router until it stopped working in 2020. I tried resurrecting the idea of getting it running again, and thought it needed a new Hard Drive, so just purchased a new 64GB MSATA card, but that's not the...
  15. B

    Question MT-Link MT-1704-4G-AC(Ver 2.0)

    Is it possible to disable any changes including changing router and Wi-Fi passwords on this router?
  16. jeffthura

    Question How to bypass Xbox network restriction on residence wifi?

    Hi, I'm a student at a university residence and I recently bought an Xbox but soon came to realize I cannot connect to the Xbox network to go online. I asked my residence and this is what they had to say: Is there a way I can work around this? Some people suggested a travel router and some...
  17. ExtraSeven

    Question I have a connection but some things don't connect ?

    All the lights on my router are green and Google searches and some websites work, but others don't and no games connect, they all appear with a lost connection. I don't know how to solve it. I've already restarted my router and my computer and the same error remains.
  18. R

    Question Reset my modem/router by myself

    Hello, I have (I think), a modem/router in my house, it's a box device that has a big cable connected to it (the "internet cable" it comes from the wall), and from the modem/router, there's a rj45 6e cable that connects to my PC and that's my connection. In the past, I entered the configuration...
  19. O

    Question Disconnects in games and slow loads, but fine speed

    Hi I got a new computer with motherboard Asus Z790-I Gaming wifi In certain games the connection simply drops or can't connect. And certain things/websites takes long to load, where they used to come instantly The wifi speed and signal seems fine, at around 600 mbps and low latency One game...
  20. velocci

    Question port forwarding not working

    Hi all, i'm having an issue with my port forwarding not working. here is my setup. I'm using Rogers Communications as my ISP. I have their modem in bridge mode so I can use my own Netgear router. I have port forwarding setup on my router. I'm not using a VPN. when I go to...
  21. D

    Question Ping increased after swapping router

    i had issues with random ping spikes from 30 to 150 or 200+ i wanted to try another router, so i did, my ping seems to be stable at the moment. but i noticed since the switch to the other router my ping has increased by 10ms - i am using ethernet to my local isp server i used to get 20 now its...
  22. D

    Question Does this network/router configuration look like it will work?

    I will be receiving some of this hardware in the coming days and just want to make sure I'm correct about how to set it up. All feedback is appreciated. The diagram below should have all the info needed, if not let me know. Thanks
  23. K

    Question modem router suggestion

    Can you suggest me a modem router with a 2.5 gigabit ethernet and low latency and good specs in general to use it for wired gaming. I am not interested much on wireless because i have access points with wifi 6. If the modem router has fast wifi anyway i won't mind but i dont need much I care...
  24. 2

    Question Basic network drive -- simplest/best setup?

    Hello, and thanks in advance to anyone who reads this. I'm working a long-term research project with a half-dozen colleagues. We have a central office with internet access, but I want to set up a separate wireless network not on the internet so I can set up a network drive that will give us all...
  25. POB3478

    Question Ethernet Not Connecting to PS5

    I bought a new ARRIS router to save money from renting from my ISP. I also bought an ethernet cable to connect it to my PS5. I plugged it into both but it doesn't seem to be working. I see no light on in the back of my router and I'm unable to connect to my PS5. All my ports are enabled on my...
  26. POB3478

    Question Seeking Guidance: Upgrading Router for Xfinity 400 Mbps Plan to Improve Wi-Fi Performance

    I'm not very knowledgeable about networking, but I'm looking to save money in the long run by buying my own router instead of renting one from Xfinity. I recently purchased the ARRIS SURFboard SBG10, but I haven't seen much of an improvement in my internet performance. My family and I have an...
  27. Sinatra

    Question Suspicious activity on router logs, constant port scanning and attacks

    I was experiencing major drops in my performance 2 weeks ago, contacted my ISP & they advised it was resolved. One week ago, the connection suddenly dropped completely & this happened several times consistently for the following days - checked the security logs & found the following. Please let...
  28. Leplivo

    Question Tenda AX3000 Port Forwarding

    Bought a Tenda AX3000 TX9 Pro router and there is no Port Forwarding option on the site, I asked Tenda but they are not answering, does anyone know how to port forward with this router? Every video or site I check shows the old site which is completely different from how it is now.
  29. A

    Question Frequent random disconnections, internet speed flip flopping excessively

    Hello everyone, I apologise if this becomes lengthy! For months now I've had various symptoms suggesting a fault on my FTTC connection. I'm with BT (UK). I'm 3 routers and 4 engineers in. Fault reappears each time. Nothing can be done without proof of a fault, so I'm trying to gather...
  30. J

    Question Problem installing new router to replace the ISP one ?

    Having trouble installing a new Asus AX5400 router to replace an ISP supplied one that is 5 years old with poor range. We have fiber, and have been unable to get any kind of router compatibility from my ISP. I moved the cables to the new router and powered off/on the fiber box, and could connect...
  31. T

    Question Can I connect a router to another router to boost Wi-Fi but also retain the hardline it's connected to?

    I have a modem provided by my Telcom provider that I need to use, that modem is then connected to my router providing internet to the router. The router then provides Wi-Fi and a bunch of wired connections to all the devices in my house. One of those hardlines coming from my router goes to the...
  32. K

    Question Why isn't my internet working when the router and ISP aren't the problem?

    My internet has been intermittently cutting off for a month or 2 now. Technicians said it was a couple of different such as a faulty line and stuff. But even after fixing it, there are still issues. I bought a new router/modem and it's still doing it. Now today my internet is completely gone...
  33. A

    Question Router: PPPoE - unable to login with my ID, but works with someone else's

    Little bit of background before we get to the main issue: I have a rather old dlink router (2015), still working fine issue: thought my PPPoE login still works, but there is not internet connection on it. as per the ISP, its a router issue mostly cause its old. They have provided a diff. PPPoE...
  34. Naseem Khan1682

    Question Internet in Student Rooms HELP

    Hello, I am converting a commercial property into residential for students, the two storey property is roughly 4,000 sq/ft. I would like every room to have access to a 1gb wi-fi connection and also access to an ethernet port for students that require direct. How best to go about doing this...
  35. kurt16A

    Question How to disable access to the router login page from Internet?

    I just got a new router Zyxel EX5601-T0. Everything goes well, except that I discovered accidentally that the admin interface can be accessed by anyone on the internet. This has never happened to me before (I used several routers before). Actually because of an indirect help from a subdomain...
  36. sharkeyboy

    Question Wireless Router with multiple networks and VPNs

    Hi Guys This is probably a really vague question, but I'm looking to basically have a home office setup whereby I have the ability to connect to different networks, for different clients. Clients might require a VPN. So ideally simply switching networks will mean that I'm automatically...
  37. RagedAPE

    Question Virgin Media IP change and Router advice.

    Good afternoon, Can someone give me a bit of their time and expertise to ask a few possible dumb questions, so I can try to understand about my new router and IP. Currently I am on UK virgin media Hub 3 and soon I will be going in as a new customer but under the same address, but a totally...
  38. M

    Question Home Security NVR/VLAN setup

    Hello, I am currently looking to add some home security cameras after a recent scare. In researching, the current option I am attempting to pursue is that of setting up an NVR recorder with some cheap WYZE cameras around the house. I also want these cameras to connect wirelessly to said NVR...
  39. A

    Question Wi-Fi 6 connected to Wi-Fi 2.4 vs. Wi-Fi 2.4 connected to Wi-Fi 2.4

    I have 2 devices. The first one has Wi-Fi 2.4 and the second one has Wi-Fi 6. My home has a router that uses Wi-Fi 2.4. If I connect both of my devices to the home router (assuming both transfer data through internet to the same server, e.g, same youtube video), which one would be faster? My...
  40. P

    [SOLVED] Isolating guests' slower devices - for my own fast devices to be not limited in connection speed

    Hi guys, it's known that all devices connected to the same WiFi router (network?) are always connected at the speed of the slowest device from the list. AFAIK, this is because tokens, that designate which device is allowed to talk at any given time, can only work properly if the slowest device...