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  1. Naseem Khan1682

    Question Internet in Student Rooms HELP

    Hello, I am converting a commercial property into residential for students, the two storey property is roughly 4,000 sq/ft. I would like every room to have access to a 1gb wi-fi connection and also access to an ethernet port for students that require direct. How best to go about doing this...
  2. kurt16A

    Question How to disable access to the router login page from Internet?

    I just got a new router Zyxel EX5601-T0. Everything goes well, except that I discovered accidentally that the admin interface can be accessed by anyone on the internet. This has never happened to me before (I used several routers before). Actually because of an indirect help from a subdomain...
  3. sharkeyboy

    Question Wireless Router with multiple networks and VPNs

    Hi Guys This is probably a really vague question, but I'm looking to basically have a home office setup whereby I have the ability to connect to different networks, for different clients. Clients might require a VPN. So ideally simply switching networks will mean that I'm automatically...
  4. RagedAPE

    Question Virgin Media IP change and Router advice.

    Good afternoon, Can someone give me a bit of their time and expertise to ask a few possible dumb questions, so I can try to understand about my new router and IP. Currently I am on UK virgin media Hub 3 and soon I will be going in as a new customer but under the same address, but a totally...
  5. M

    Question Home Security NVR/VLAN setup

    Hello, I am currently looking to add some home security cameras after a recent scare. In researching, the current option I am attempting to pursue is that of setting up an NVR recorder with some cheap WYZE cameras around the house. I also want these cameras to connect wirelessly to said NVR...
  6. A

    Question Wi-Fi 6 connected to Wi-Fi 2.4 vs. Wi-Fi 2.4 connected to Wi-Fi 2.4

    I have 2 devices. The first one has Wi-Fi 2.4 and the second one has Wi-Fi 6. My home has a router that uses Wi-Fi 2.4. If I connect both of my devices to the home router (assuming both transfer data through internet to the same server, e.g, same youtube video), which one would be faster? My...
  7. P

    [SOLVED] Isolating guests' slower devices - for my own fast devices to be not limited in connection speed

    Hi guys, it's known that all devices connected to the same WiFi router (network?) are always connected at the speed of the slowest device from the list. AFAIK, this is because tokens, that designate which device is allowed to talk at any given time, can only work properly if the slowest device...
  8. E

    Question Can I use my current router/modem with a different ISP?

    My current ISP is CenturyLink, I use a DSL modem/router with their name on it that I purchased on eBay (Technicolor C2000T). I was recently approved for Starlink. I’m wondering if I can put the router/modem Starlink provides into bridge mode, and using Starlink’s ethernet adapter, plug it into...
  9. Byyng

    Question Router is limiting speed for device but works fine after router restart ?

    Hello, I have Alcatel LINKHUB HH71 LTE cat7 as router and connected a few phones and laptop to WIFI (I can't really put laptop on ethernet). Now my problem is that on phones there's no problem when restarting device but once booting laptop the speed is limited to just 0.5MB/s on download and it...
  10. I

    Question How can I monitor my internet connection?

    Hi guys, I’m in a pickle right now. The internet connection at my place isn’t the best. It keeps on dropping at random, and the speeds are fluctuating. For now, I only have my phone, and laptop connected to the network, but soon I will be having TVs, more phones, another laptop and a desktop...
  11. royc1337

    Question Ethernet connection on 1 of 6 pc's 2x slower

    I have an z490 mother board with possible speeds of over 2gbs. My internet speed is 1gb but not able to produce over 400 mbps download but capable for getting up to 40 upload I have tried different ethernet cables still not getting anywhere to 1gb of speed. Tried the same ethernet on other...
  12. C

    Question How do I test an aggregated services router before selling it?

    A family member has an item I'd like to help them sell, but I don't know enough about this type of device to test it out properly. I have plenty of experience providing tech support for home PCs, smart phones, tablets, modems, routers, TVs, etc. I know my way around a motherboard and a Windows...
  13. R

    Question Why is the speed capped at 90mbps on a dual band router ?

    Hey guys. I have a Dual Band router from my ISP ( Globe Fiber 300mbps ) model is AN5506_04F1A... problem with its 5G wifi is that its limited range could not reach my other room which is only 3 meters away from the door or 1 meter away from the wall. i didn't have the money to buy a mesh or an...
  14. Small_Tarzan

    Question A WiFi/Router recommendation

    So, I've got a 75m2 flat with thick walls between each of the rooms. Right now I've got a set of 2 old Ubiquiti Amplify Instant routers and one Ubiquiti LR 6. However, since Amplify and Ubiquiti aren't the same "subbrand", they won't integrate into the unify console, hence are difficult to...
  15. Ybr

    How To WiFi network is not displayed / BSOD "DPC Watchdog Violation" when connecting to a WiFi network

    Hey there, I just wanted to share my experience on the two topics mentioned in the title, because I could find not that much information on these topics (so search engines could easier find it). If you have read my other topic...
  16. D

    Question Identifying router processor for OpenWRT ?

    My local bookstore/hackerspace has been donated a pallet of cheap imported routers from a company called Atlas Media. The routers themselves are listed as 'AMW-DBR 1200AC' for reference, but this is not the original model number as they were imported from China and rebranded. The store would...
  17. V

    Question How to Optimise Router Settings for Online Gaming?

    Hello, I bought a xbox series x with game pass ultimate for my younger brother who like to play online competitively. Don't want him touching my PC lol. I logged into my router and see these settings: Enable QoS Enable DMZ Address Reservation Airtime Fairness Which settings above shall I...
  18. Gartix

    Question 1 network,2 routers, 4 speeds

    Long story short: 2 routers-main- TP-Link Archer AX55(wifi6), 2nd (access point mode) TP-Link Archer C6(an). As testing I set up 4 SSIDs each router 2,4 and 5Ghz,as tested working great at maximum of my network and around 20ping, troubles comes with wired clients coming from Archer C6,it has...
  19. P

    Question E900 router with ip cameras no bandwidth ?

    Hi, i have a router e900 300mbps and 2 IP cameras using rtsp with 2mbps (and limited with QoS too), my wifi speed is 100mbps of download and 25mbps of upload, the problem is that i don't have bandwidth and i am not sure why, i run a speed test and i am getting 10mbps and 2mbps (i am next to the...
  20. Dlebro

    Question got new router Huawei LTE CPE B2368-66 losing wired connection.

    So i got a new huawei LTE CPE B2368-66 router and i got a problem with it. So when i use my pc normally like using a browser or something everything is fine. But when i start playing games i start losing wired internet connection randomly . Sometimes i happens a lot and sometimes it's just fine...
  21. random5

    Question AX3 Router sort of restarting randomly? I get booted out of games

    Hello, I am using Huawei AX3 router, recently bought. Sometimes several times in an hour, sometimes less often like once in couple hours router appears to reset itself, it's barely noticeable and I only noticed after I turned off the LED indicator light and seen it light up again in moments like...
  22. Logick

    Question Questions regarding 2.5gbe and if should switch to pfsense/opnsense

    I currently have a RT-AC3200 and its starting to show its age. I'm currently eyeing the GT-AX11000, since I need tri-band and would like wifi 6. In addition I was told if I plug in my modem to the 2.5gbe port(my modem has one) it could eliminate bottlenecks, even though I only have a gigabit...
  23. O

    Question Asus router accesspoint or repeater?

    Hi all, i just got a quick question about router settings. I got 3 routers in the house. one in the livingroom where the internett connects from outside and then it goes a cabel upstairs to another one and the i got one in my office where i have two computers. I am just wondering what...
  24. BigBou

    Question I dont know how to explain my problem in the title

    [Note: Moderator edit to break up one continuing line of text.} Please help, my wifi acts so weird that it gives me brain damage, ok so first of all, I have 2 routers (1 downstairs and 1 upstairs) connected to each other, and i have 2 wifi networks (lets call them net1 and net 2) and net1...
  25. B

    Question Devolo Magic 2 WiFi 6 issue?

    hi there. have devolo magic 2 lan and wifi 6. it works great, with full speed. ive also cloned wifi to develo, but..... i ve noticed with my mobile, that whenever i "switch" wifi source, i start losing connection to other devices like the philips hue bridge and the only solution is to restart...
  26. tophufn

    Question Experiencing high ping only in evenings

    Hello! I've been experiencing high ping in evenings for nearly a month now. Occurred randomly one night while gaming and has been going on since. During the day everything is normal. I'm getting the same ping as I used to and the gaming experience is as it should be. Around 6pm everything goes...
  27. savasava

    Question Ethernet port not working not even blinking

    I didnt have internet for a while. Several days ago when i got new provided my ethernet port wouldnt work. It doesnt blink and in windows it says no internet. I tried 3 cables and not even one worked. I know port worked before.
  28. A

    Question router log connectivity issues desync

    [Troubles] connectivity issues, log, desync when online gaming. Ive been having repeat issues with windtream (i know they are sh!t) my service cuts out all the time and my router log always is full was just wondering if anyone could look and see if they see an issue. just trying to play online...
  29. F

    Question Do I need to create a new network if I buy a new router and Modem?

    Spectrum is my internet provider. They just sent me a new, updated router and modem. I already have a network that has several devices attached to it. With the new router and modem, will I need to create a new network or will I be able to use the existing one?
  30. Sneaky666

    Question How to set up wifi pods at home with an existing router?

    I have a bell home hub 2000, and I want to connect wifi pods to it. I wanted to know what is the best way to set it up. The pods I'm looking at now is this one Some questions I have is? Is tri band better than dual band if only phones and...
  31. ramkithepower

    Question How do I add Static IP binding in genexis router

    Hi I am used to adding static routes in router configuration page using mac address and IP address. However the new router that my internet provider installed does not have a way to add it this way. I go into Route page in the router site. The below is what I see. How do I add static IP address...
  32. O

    Question Spycamera in router by manufacturer?

    Dear all I have a Tehcnicolor router Have there been any instances or cases, where a spycamera was installed by the manufacturer of the router, to spy on the end user / normal people? Thank you Best regards
  33. sasalakic99

    Question WDS Bridging TP-LINK

    Hey guys! I am having a problem with the Router I tried to configure today. It is an TP-LINK 740N router which I had lying around and I am trying to configure WDS Bridging on it. I never thought that this cheap router is compatible with WDS bridging but today when I was at my friends house he...
  34. J

    Question Is it possible to create a mesh system with 2 Dlink DIR-2660 Mesh enabled routers?

    I recently bought 2 Dlink DIR-2660 routers and they support Smart mesh technology. I contacted Dlink and turns out that these routers do support mesh systems but only with their extenders, as in it is not possible to make a mesh system between two routers. I do not believe this to be true so...
  35. ek_e123

    Question Can I use a 4G router as a typical router?

    I live in an Eastern European countryside where my internet connection is atrocious (<3mb/s). Surprisingly though, the mobile data speeds are really good (>100mb/s). I'm going to buy a 4G router (probably a tp-link mr600 v1) and use it along with an unlimited data plan (side note: there's no...
  36. M

    Question Bridging wan to ssid, how it works

    I have searched the net but not getting any results. I have looked into many user manuals of ont routers but still no luck. I know how bridge mode in ont router (A device which is integrated ont + router) works and how you need to bind it to a LAN port so that it passes the control to WAN port...
  37. ditrate

    Question Can a NTP server contain a virus?

    I was thinking to enter a NTP address in to the router for ftp time sync, but now I bit worry.
  38. Jan Sramek

    Question VPN Router

    Hello, I would like to find a router by which is possible to connect to another WiFi network wirelessly. So one which has AP mode or WiFi extend mode. And it is possible to configure VPN client in this mode. The goal is be able to connect to another public WiFi router wirelessly and via my...
  39. T

    Question Fiber Over Ethernet

    Hey! So I recently bought a new router. (TP-LINK A8 Archer AC1900) It's a Gigabit, 5G router with fiber optic support. (I have 1GB internet) My old router (Huawei EchoLife HG8143A5) has a dedicated fiber optic port at the bottom wich is perfect for me since my internet comes trough a singlemode...
  40. SheogorathTheLiar

    Question AIMesh

    Howdy! I currently have frontier fiber, and they had me move my router from the living room to the office. I now have deadzones in my back yard thanks to the fireplace, as well as my security cameras in the front yard sometimes go out. My router is the rt-ax86u. I’m looking at getting a second...