Question Adobe Acrobat Pro intermittently closes itself with ntdll.dll error


Nov 9, 2015

Around a few weeks ago, Acrobat pro XI started crashing at random times producing the following error in the Event Viewer:

I'm not doing anything in particular to cause the crash; it just seems to happen whenever it wants. I don't get any pop up warning or anything when it happens. All my instances of Adobe just close, making it rather annoying to work to have to save every 5 seconds to make sure I don't lose data.

I believe this may have been from a Windows 10 update after researching this a little bit but couldn't find anything conclusive nor specific to Acrobat. Thinking it was my outdated Acrobat XI causing these crashes, I upgraded to Acrobat DC 2020. The crashes still continue, however.

I've been using Acrobat Pro to manipulate PDFs for work for over a year now and have never had any issues like this before. Something fishy is going on especially since this is occurring with 2 separate versions of Acrobat.

Anyone experience anything similar or know of what I can do to help solve this issue? Let me know if more data is needed, and I will provide.

Assuming you've paid for the program - have you tried to contact Adobe or attempting to file a bug repport (if they have a system for that) ?

Can I ask why the need to manipulate pdf's in the first place? PDF documents are after all supposed to be the end product.