Feb 1, 2009
I have been having some trouble with the brand new setup I just made. The hardware specs are as follows:

Asus Rampage 2 extreme Motherboard
Inte i7 920 processor
Coolermaster Cosmos 1000 case
Coolermaster V8 CPU cooler
Coolermaster UCP 700W Power Supply
3x2gb Mushkin Enhanced Redline Edition Ram (PC1600)
Western Digital Caviar Black 1.0T harddrive
XFX 260 GTX Black Overclocked Edition Video Card
Windows Vista 64 bit
Windwos 7

Now that the specs are out of the way..the symptoms...

During some PC Games (grid, Unreal Tournament III) the screen will freeze. I can click on alt+tab to change out but the game immediately crashes and all data is lost.

I have never been able to get the sound to work with the riser card. I have tried a few driver combinations but no luck so far. The best I can get out of the riser card that comes with the MoBo is 2.1.. Pretty sad considering that I am using an optical cable.

Please advise on any or all of these issue as they have been extremely frustrating. I bought the best components and can't even get the performance they are capable of. Thank your for your suggestions, suppositions, and answers.