Advice Tropical Computer Build


Nov 28, 2008
Ok Guys this is more of a Tax/Shipping Limited Build, than a budget limited build.

I live outside of the U.S and taxes here a 100% on any electronics/parts valued a over $100. :eek: What I normally do to bring down computer parts/electronics, is have friends or family bring down the parts for me with them on the plane. Thus not paying any shipping or taxes! ;)

The problem is that I need to build another computer right now and can't wait another eight or more months before someone comes down here.

I am signed up with a special carrier that will bring me down $500 max worth of stuff tax free if it is all in the same box, once every 6 months. So what I have planned is to ship the computer parts that are valued at over a $100 (due to %100 tax on parts valued at over a 100 dollars) with the special carrier and then ship the minor parts that are valued under a $100 though a normal carrier such as DHL. Taxes on parts under a $100 is 30%, I believe.

I have always preferred Nvidia/Intel, in fact I have never owned a computer with a amd processor. So I may go Ati/Amd for a change with this build as I will not be able to make a i7 build with the budget of $500 for the main parts, valued over $100.

The build will probably have a 4890 for the heart. :p

One question I have is if Tiger Direct ships all the parts in one box, as the $500 main parts need to all be in one box. I know that new egg does but I cannot use them as they have closed my account with them because I am ordering Internationaly, already tried Customer Service but they are as stubborn as a mule (even though I have a U.S bank account). If Tiger Direct does not ship all the parts in a single box I will just have to order all the parts from amazon/tiger direct and have my uncle put them in a box and send them to the carrier.

OK, I am probably seriously boring all of you guys with all of this info so lets get down to the options I have come up with. :sol:

Computer Will be used for:

Supreme Commander/Forged Alliance
Call of Duty
Far Cry 2
Assassins Creed
Need for Speed
in that order

Web Designing
Video Editing
and everything else you use a computer for :p

I will be overclocking

What I already have:
640gb Western digital Black, Vista 64bit, Vista 32bit, Case, 22in 1080, mouse, keyboard, speakers

Computer Build Option 1:

Under $500 Main Parts:

-XFX 4890=$249

-Q6700= $220

$470 total main parts / Shipping will be $40

DHl Secondary Parts:

-P45 Gigabyte=$99
-4gb Memory ram 800mhz= $40
-DVD Burner Lightscribe Sata=$40
-OCZ 700w Power Supply= $79
-Xigmatek Cooler with backplate=$40
Total= $300/ Shipping Taxes $160

Computer Build Option 2

Under $500 Main Parts:
-X3 720= $154.99

-XFX 4890= $249.99

-Biostar TFORCE TA790GXA2+ Motherboard= $99.99

Total $505 anyway to kick the five bucks off?

Secondary Parts DHL:

-OCZ gamersXstream 700w= $79
-Memory Ram 4gb 800=$40
-Xigmatek cooler with backplate=$40
-DVD Burner Lightscribe Sata=$40

Total $200/ Shipping Taxes $110

Computer Build Option 3

Main Parts under $500

-e7400= $119.99
-4890= $249.99
-P45 Gigabyte Motherboard= $99

Total= $470

Secondary Parts DHL:

Xigmatek Cooler with backplate=$40
Memory Ram 4gb 800= $40
OCZ GamerXstream 700w=$79
DVD Burner Sata Lightscribe=$40

Total= $200/ Shipping Taxes $110

Basically all I need to know is which system will give me the most bang for my buck considering I will be overclocking the CPU/GPU, my next upgrade will be probably to get a i7 processor/x58 motherboard/ ddr3 6gb in 6-12 months. I am open to any and all suggestions and I apologize for witting such a long post for such a simple question. ;)

I will try to post some overclock vs non overclock benchmarks of the 4890 for you guys once I get the system. Thanks again!


Nov 28, 2008
Thanks for your recommendation Outlander. So should I go with the Amd/Ati Build and upgrade to the i7 in 6 to 12 months from now? I think it will be fun going AMD as I have never used there processors before.

Does anyone else have any other recommendations suggestions?


Nov 28, 2008
Ok Thanks shortuff. I have not built a AMD computer before so I did not know that the amd motherboards do not need a back plate.

So far It looks like I am going with the red team this time around.