Aerocool Expands Project 7 Lineup With New Gaming Chair

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OK, the LED thing has gone too far. What's next ... the plug in anal probe that will shine LED lights out my ears and eyeballs whenever my heart beat rises in response to tense gaming moments ? I have a plain white LED strip from back in the day when you had to solder on your own connectors. I think I will have to remove it lest I be subject to the same embarrassment a 20 year old feels when hos fronds come over and are rummaging about his room and they find the old Britney and Justin CDs


Dec 13, 2011
I said this a long time ago!!!!

It was only a matter of time before they started putting LED or RBG on these dumb gaming chairs!!

Its not even a good chair to sit in and use a computer.

What they need to do is create a chair with active air vents. Place a 200mm fan (with dust filter of course) in the seat of the chair that delivers air through vents in the seat, backrest and headrest.
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